Invest or NOT at a start up ?

By DrHannibal | DrHannibal | 9 Sep 2019

Invest or Not at a start up ? 

Startups are a high risk – high reward (that's the life, if you do not take risk you will never gain much money) asset class, making investing in them thrilling, but also requiring a special level of attention and care.

The investing best practice of diversification is very applicable with startups. 

In the words of Fred Wilson:

"Investing in startups is risky. If you make just one investment, you are likely going to lose everything. If you make two, you are still likely to lose money. If you make five, you might get all your money back across all five investments. If you make ten, you might start making money on the aggregate set of investments."

Diversification isn't just about the number of investments — Its also wise to vary the nature of companies in your portfolio.


So it is your choice, take or not the risk.

Good luck to everything you decide.


(The photo is the logo from my start up  , ) 

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