Tesla and Bitcoin

Tesla and Bitcoin

By NKthegreat | DrCrypto | 11 Feb 2021

Hi guys, we have written about Elon Musk and his preferance at cryptocoins in past articles.

All of you know what is "Tesla" . It is the entreprise that made Musk the richestest person in the world, the first one that surpassed the 200 B dollars.

Let's go to the GOOD NEWS.


i) Tesla will accept Bitcoin as a method of payment.

ii) Despite the rise of the price of Bitcoin , Tesla announced in SEC meeting announced that bought 1.5 B dollar worth of Bitcoins , so they can accept immediately as a way of payment.


The conclusion is , that bitcoin is in a critical crossroad and we can see if can surpass the traditional money and if the richest man in the world buys at this price the sure is that he does this to earn more money ! so we can copy him and also buy !!

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