Plumeria Flower
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Plumeria Flower


Plumeria Flower

In Hawaiian culture, plumeria flowers are a symbol of positivity, and are often used as decorations for special occasions. Whereas in Hinduism, plumeria flowers are flowers that symbolize dedication and devotion. Plumeria flowers are also a symbol of immortality in Buddhism.

In this illustration, the plumeria blossoms are joined together by repeating circular lines. The line is meant to be a symbol of sustainability. Whereas the red incision wants to indicate the color of blood, which is an important thing in human life.

By combining several meanings that have been mentioned, this illustration as a whole wants to illustrate the continuity of goodness created in human life by showing the dedication that will always live in eternity.

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Plumeria Flower (colored)
Plumeria Flower (black and white)

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Drawing, sketching, practicing.
Drawing, sketching, practicing.

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