Daily Positivity Journal 27/03/2020

Daily Positivity Journal 27/03/2020

By DragoNate | DragoNate | 28 Mar 2020


It was a good Friday. The rest of the week had quite a bit of stress, but today was nice.

While I did not wake up as early as I wanted, I also did not wake up too late. I decided today was a bit of rest & on the weekend/next week will be when I really start my changes I mentioned previously!

I think 2 things happened today that would have made angry normally, but I kept my cool & didn't react. I had good conversations with multiple people as well, including my aunt over the phone.

Mom & watched our daily videos & found a new channel "You Suck at Cooking" which was pretty hilarious! For supper, we had the leftover rice/veggies/tuna with more avocado & a couple chicken nuggets. Also finished the reset of our spicy mayo with it.

This evening, I roasted more coffee for the weekend & read a little more of The Dragon Keeper. I'm on page 11 now :D I will now nap quickly, then workout & get started on a suggested game!

I think that's about it. I hope you had a great Friday!


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