Daily Positivity Journal 03/03/2020

By DragoNate | DragoNate | 4 Mar 2020


So today was a pretty good day. I had fun playing/streaming Doom & found a good bit of secrets. Okay, I frustrated with it a lot, but finding all the secrets was the positive part!

I went for my run & had a great one, staying out for a total of about 25 minutes. I only ran for about 80% of that time, one of the longest & hardest (mostly uphill) in a while, then sprinting & more normal running after a good bit of walking rest.

I seem to be able to do more pullups in one go & they are better than normal. I'm making it a goal to do both pullups & pushups every day, just as many as I can do in one go at least.

I am also making another goal to some sort of physical activity or workout every day. Except for Sunday. That's my rest day!

Those are my highlights for the day. What are yours?

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