Bee and bumblebee

Something is flying around, in my garden

By Drache | DrachenTalk | 14 Jul 2020

Last week the weather was fine and I had to do some work in my garden. While working there I found some little helpers who take care of the flowers. I could not identify them but maybe you could do it. So I guessed what for an insect it is. It was just fun to take photos of them and watch them fly, collecting pollen. This time there are a lot of photos. 

At first there was a small, yellow bumblebee:
Bumblebee Yellow

I think she is doing a great job:
Yellow bumblebee from below

"Let's pickup this..."
Yellow bumblebee with lavender

Then there comes a white bumblebee:
White bumblebee at a white flower

"I can see you!"
Bumblebee: i can see you

"I ... will ... get ... there!... Without ... using... my ... wings... !"
white bumblebee

The next visitor was a shy hoverfly.

And another fly:

"I am busy cleaning myself right now..."
fly at a leaf

Finally a bee landed there:  "Slurp!"

An another one at the lavender:
bee at a lavender

Of course a wasp was there too:

"I am cute! ... and harmless!" ... (at least for a short time)
wasp posing 

Back to the bumblebee: "Ah there it is, I just have to go deeper..."Bumblebee searching

"let's go..."
bumblebee about to leave

"I am out..."  
flying bumblebee



Thank you for reading. I took all photos with my cell phone Huawai P20 Pro.

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