Welcome to the Official Blog of Dostix Ranch, a Small Town Egg and Produce Farm, Bringing Physical Merch to the Blockchain to Back NFTs

By Garedicus | DostixRanch | 25 Apr 2021

We run a small farm for organic veggies and duck eggs. NFTs in this collection will feature photos of our pets, farm animals, and produce from seed to sale. We are currently releasing 700 NFTs as raffle tickets, which will be backed by $35 worth of physical merchandise in the form of hand-made candles, soap, and chainmaille necklaces and bracelets. The NFTs will be released for $20 US equivalent in WAX. The raffle has 10:1 odds.

Prizes will be chosen at random. Five prizes will be chosen with a $50 value. The proceeds of this limited release will go to expanding our merchandising options, securing new print vendors for photos and screen printing, paying the mortgage, and expanding the farm to include goats and chickens. NFTs go on sale today, April 24th, 2021. The Raffle will be pulled on May 24th, 2021 OR 10 days after all NFTs are sold, whichever comes first.

Winners will have ten days to provide us with their address for shipping. Shipping will be free in the US. If shipping for your prize would be more than the prize itself, you may choose to receive a WAX payout in the amount of $35 USDT as calculated on the date on which you notify us of your choice.

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Burnt out small business (farm) owner specializing in Indian Runner duck eggs, and expanding into chickens, geese, and organic produce. I touched the bottom of the promise that Capitalism holds, and was burned to a crisp.


The official blog of the DostixRanch NFT project. We are a small town duck and organic produce farm backing NFTs with farm merchandise to keep our dreams alive.

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