NFT Promo Release 2 - Ittle Bittle First Day Home

By Garedicus | DostixRanch | 26 Apr 2021

Two small gray kittens next to a cat bed and a small cloth ball. One cat is scratching his chin while the other yawns widely.

Included Text: "These are our tinies, Beldin (in the back with his mouth open) and Belgarath (the lighter fella in front scritchin his face). They came to us as feral barn kittens, and little Beldin had a surprise for us - he was born without back feet. The only reason it's slowed him down at all is because Garath bit one of his little stumps one time and it became necrotic, so he had to spend the first year of his life in solitary confinement in a tent.

But he's been out of his tent for two almost two years now, and even without back feet has no problem jumping from chair to window-sill just like our other kitties. And Garath? He's the doll of the household now. From snuggling with the older kitties to playing with the dogs, he's always at home."

100 of these NFTs have been released for the raffle. Additional prizes may be added at any time.*

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