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By Ykretz | Don't die as a student | 13 Apr 2021

I'm in the crypto world for almost a decade and tested a lot of things to earn money.

During the first year, when I was only like 13 years old, I was trying faucets. Low and slow income but after weeks that could become few $$.

If only I kept everything I would probably be richer today. I fell on the history of a faucet. At a moment I earned 100 000 satoshis. Probably maximum 10¢ at this moment but this is around $55 nowadays.

When I was 15-16 that was too slow for me so I tested other things. With more risks. Maybe too much... All that scam ponzi websites. You send them some BTC, wait 24 hours and get the double. That worked for me most of times. But some times the websites closed before I can get my earnings... That's the game...

I managed to get few tens of bucks and when I bought a video game with this that totally stopped me. The BTC price was going up, faucets were giving even less money than they used to.

I only came back around 14 months ago into crypto, when I discovered all that proof of brains rewarding websites. The first was Publish0x.

On it I discovered a lot of things, the tiny earnings I get from it and all crypto world advice I get from it send me to KuCoin where I put my tokens earnings and discovered Soft Staking. You just have to keep your crypto in the wallet and you earn new crypto everyday, and the interests are obviously compouding.

I really started to love the crypto universe and started to look for more passive income.

Still on KuCoin I discovered they often organize contests, givaways or just events. And that can give a lot. Just by staking $15 I received 35 after a week from an event !

The app is really rewarding and even more if you have a lot of money to invest !


I also have a lot from Noise.cash. Microbloging and getting tips from that plus getting 50% of all free tips I have is really making a decent amount.

Some days I can easily, without putting more than 5 minutes, earn more than $2-3. And it seem that rea,ards are getting higher now the development team disabled free tips for spammers to give more to actual content creators.

I put all those earnings on my nexo account, were I have a 6% interest paid in NEXO token.

My BCH are increasing each day from 0 since the first days of February and my interests are almost $0.4, I'm now earnings around $0.01 at least each day, only from interests.


I'm sharing my posts on different platforms. And one of them is read.cash. With it I earned a total of around $20 of BCH for only few posts.

I withdraw my earnings twice and traded the BCH for BNB on Binance. Those earnings are currently staked on the Launchpad and giving me daily Tokens. For this month the tokens I'm earning are TLM.

The token is not listed on Binance yet but the price is already around $6. So my earnings, just for staking $20 worth BNB since less than a week are more than $0.80. That makes an APR of 200%. I'm just complaining about not staking more BNB. And I think that I will continue to put my read.cash earnings into BNB stakings.


CubDefi is my biggest one.

When CUB's rice was only $2 I bought $100 of it, now I'm already holding more than $200 only thanks to the actual pice and I have daily interests. Those interests are between $1 to $2 per day, this is really a lot of pretty fast money and this is with the price just a little less than $4.

I'm holding 60 CUBs for now and earning more each day, I can't wait to see the price increase and with it seeing my daily earnings explode. It will probably take some time but I know this will increase. Maybe when I have more money to spend I will buy more of it.

Now that I've stopped delegating tp @leovoter and I'm finally delegating it to @leo.voter I'm now earnings some daily LEO and could swap some more to bLEO and pair it with some BNB to the CUBFarm.



I'm really waiting to see where all of that will bring me.

Those three passive income have been started during 2021 and this already shos some real earnings. Now that everything is compouding and prices are always changing, this will surely go higher.

Now I'm also waiting to have enough ETH on KuCoin to swap it into ETH 2.0 and stake it to get daily rewards. I only need few cents more and that should come pretty quick with Publish0x.

I'll also continue something I'm doing since some day. I'm investing every € I get on my paypal account. That can come from few things but it can do a good amount pretty quick.

  1. Cashback from IGraal. For exeple I'm going to receive 17€ from my VPN purchase and 20€ from my 2340€ laptop.
  2. I'm carpooling when I have to drive long distances. For exemple, when I go to see my girlfriend, If I take 3 persons with me in my car, that makes me 24€, and the same amount when I come back home.
  3. Also few € from apps like Google Rewards and HoneyGain

For now I only invested it into CubDefi, that could change depending on how is going the developpement of ETH 2.0 and the price of BNB.

If you want to create your account in any of the platforms or websites above, consider to make it through my links that would support me.


You can join me on :
The microbloging platform and get rewarded with BCH
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Share your unused bandwidth and get paid for that with Honey gain

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Don't die as a student
Don't die as a student

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