My personal Finacial Goals for 2021 !

By Ykretz | Don't die as a student | 6 Jan 2021

This post is a participation to My Financial goals 2021 on Hive and Leofinance.

Even if it will be in two parts, you'll understand later.

For that I'll answer to the biggest question :

Which is going to be your investment strategy for 2021?

I'll continue to power up every token I'm earning from Hive, Leo etc..
What I would love in the end of the year is to reach a upvote value of $0.02 in Hive, so peakd users would receive a notification when I do a 100% upvote. 😄

I'm using an app that rounds up to the higher unit each of my payments and invest the amount in many types of things, that's how I'll partially respond to the 3rd question.
That made me having for now 40€ placed in that app that invested it on Stocks, state bonds and more stocks. With different types of risks.

Do you have any specific assets that you want to invest in?

For now I just want to increase the weight of my Hive account. Since it's for now bigger in Hive than Leo I'm more interested for the first one but I would really like to be able to give real LEO upvotes. 🦁

For my second account, I would also really like to be able to stake more Sports and if I could have some funds to buy more it would be really great. If I could be a 2nd layer token whale, that would be for sports ! 💪🏻🐳


I just searched "whale" in a gif browser

Preferred Investment? Crypto, Real State, Commodities, Stocks?

The app I talked about before isn't really my preferred investment. I just try it to see if it's worthy. For the moment, yes. I don't know what it would be for a APR percentage but for 40€ i already have 0.20€ in less than a month. 🚣

Except that, my favourite investment is crypto. Especially the ones that have a really value. I don't mind if Bitcoin is hitting the moon or neptune. That isn't making me hodl.

I prefer tokens like Hive, Leo which has a community and with this proof of brain that makes it more valuable that just computer buying and selling it at the right moment. (Even if that's probably what my app is making, but I don't know it so.. don't blame me 🤐)

For now, DPoS is a great financial opportunity for me.

Do you have a plan or a set of goals on how to use and grow your stake?

For now, getting even more involved in the community. I think that I'll make more 2nd layer account because that could be interesting for several ones. The next one I'll do is probably with Foodie because I really often want to make a foodie post but realize that I already made a post in the day, sometimes 2 and I don't want to make too much posts in the day, and @actifit is taking a lot of place in my blog.

Last weeks I commented more and it's really great to have replies and even more to have rewards ! I'll continue like that the most I can without doing it badly ! Because even if I want reward, what I want more is a friendly and constructive platform.😁

I also tried to invest small amount in INDEX, @lbi-token and and except for LBI that I'm not sure I really understood how it works, it's seemed to give some results and I will continue that way. I'll try to reach 100 INDEX and if I can, 100 TAN too. 🤑

Here was my participation for #financialgoals2021, now I'll continue with what is happening and will happen to me inside and outside of the blockchain.

Since some months I'm trying to write what seem to be a sort of Web series. I still hope this to be released someday but for now I have other things to do. 😩

First of all, I need to finish the editing of a short film with the friend with who I want to do my project. This should be done within the month.

Because this is for free, I also need to work to get enough money to live. And that takes me also some time. I should start the work again in less than a week. And this work is not what I want to do at all, like Warehouseman for exemple, and I'm an editor. I just got graduated.🧐

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine presented me to a friend of him when presented me to a friend of her. The 3rd layer friend is a director and wanted help to do the Special effects of her 2 years late short movie.

I still need experiences and adding another project to my portfolio is still a great thing, that's what I need to get a job !

And one day, when I said to her that after watching the images and what I needed to do I was ok, she said to me "We don't have a lot of money anymore, we only have 800€ left for the special effects, is this enough ?"


And for sure I accepted because at first, I would have even if it was for free ! 🤑

That's how I managed to get my first paid Editor job.🤗

I hope this is the begining of a great story for me. For now this 2021 year has bright sides for myself and let's hope it to continue !!

If you want to create your own account on Hive, you can do it for free in less than 5 minutes with my referral link ! 

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Don't die as a student
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