My financial goals for 2021 - #Sports token

By Ykretz | Don't die as a student | 5 Jan 2021

My 2021 financial goal ! 


Hello community ! 

This post is the sport part of my financial goal for 2021, if you want to see the full part it will comme soon at my main account @ykretz !

To say it quick, some time ago I decided to follow the advice of some fools on Hive that were saying that I should create an account only for Leo. To be able to curate only leo posts with it. That would have been a real great idea but I don't have enough LP to do something interesting.

But, that made me think. And trust me that ain't so easy. 

Maybe jus not Leo ?

I decided to take my biggest staked token and to make a second layer account for it. 

That why sports. I was already involved in it, because I love sports and that is thanks to sports and actifit (and Publish0x but that's another story) that I discovered Hive !

I created it one month ago, the 12/06/20, delegated all my sports and started to curate. For now my 100% upvote is around 290Sports.

To make a quick sum up. This month gave me enough sports to reach my initial goal. 

I wanted to reach 1Million staked sports before the end of March and it seem that I'll probably reach it before the star of March !

All the earnings from this account are :

  • Rewards from posts
  • Rewards from curation
  • Rewards from actifit posts of @ykretz that I manually send to this account once a week.
  • Selling other Hive engine tokens to buy Sports.



If I remember well, one month ago the delegation was 822k so there is a 14k increase.

So if we add those 14k to the 60k we have a 74k sports earnings in the first month ! 

Because this is the first month, I have to say that I wasn't earning any curation reward the first week so that represent a "loss" of around 6500 sports. 

I'll also try to be more involved in the community, through comments and publication during the following months.

I know that the price did raise some days ago and that could be totally ephemeral but for now that represents around $2 for only sports token. 

Now that I'm almost sure to reach my March goal, I can put another goal.

My Sports goal is to reach 2 Millions sports with this account.

I would also really love to write more content and to have at least 10-15 followers on this account too.


If you want to create your own free Hive account, you can use this [referral link]( and become my first referral for my sport account ! 

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Don't die as a student
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