I love How Hive is turning !

By Ykretz | Don't die as a student | 11 Feb 2021

I really hope that what's happening since a couple of days is not going to end now.


When I arrived in Hive, around 1 month after the Steel fork I saw a wonderful community and that made me more open to the blockchain world.

When I was at first mostly coming here for the rewards I learned to think out of the box and see what was going here. Thanks to @laruche and all french members I've been able to feel I am being at the right place.

That's why few months after I decided to withdraw all my earnings from brave browser and other kucoin airdrops to buy Hive. After a short moment I realized that I made a terrible mistake because the price of Hive fall but I paid it with ETH (I exchanged other coins to ETH to pay in one time) which saw its price hit several new ATH since.

If I bought it 2 days ago before the new price of Hive, my account would be around $1300 instead of $370.

So ! When the price of Hive fall I saw my account worth being divided per 2. I invested $190 to my $70 account and one month after it worth $135... At that moment you all know that a lot of users decided to withdraw and disappear. If you read it you're like me and did not go. Probably because of that sentence said to me by a member of Laruche :

You're coming here for money but you'll stay for the community.

This couldn't be more true.

But even if this is true for most of us and really nice, I'm still happy to see earnings ! Even if I did not use one cent of it outside of that blockchain.

I'm happy to see that I was right to stay here, i often discover new things thanks to Hive and all tribes. @filotasriza3 made me discover noise.cash which could be seen as a Twitter but this time I actually use it and am rewarded. I play dCity viewing it as a simple idle game and would probably do it even without rewards. And read great story of lives and discover new hobbies and films everyday !

I know that I'm not really participating in the community, or just sometimes. That's mostly because I don't want to make pointless comments and sometimes I write one and feel that it's pointless so I erase it. And I don't take enough time. But I'm a silent member, I watch a lot of posts without commenting and I am trying to get involved in some parts like voting for witnesses I know, supporting the proposals I understand (not so much 🤐) and trying those new tribes on Hive Engine.

I'm happy to be seeing more of my posts being highly voted. Obviously I would like to see my posts with a $50 pending reward but I'm already turning crazy when I reach $1 so I'm really not complaining about that.

I'm earning around at least 100Hive per month which is pretty great from my point of view and there is more with HE :

Now I know that Hive gave me around $200 in less than a year !


Why would I want to quit ?

I know that now Hive really has a huge place in my life, more than Facebook or any social media and, I love that. At first I wouldn't think that it would be that great.

This post is probably too long for what I want to say and I'm probably not legitimate to say it but :

Thank you Hive and everybody which is making that Blockchain that much alive and beautiful !

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I'm studying editing in school, and I am a huge fan of cryptocurrency. I am looking for the best ways to ally cinema and blockchain.

Don't die as a student
Don't die as a student

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