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By Ykretz | Don't die as a student | 25 Mar 2020

Few days ago I wrote a Post about Honeygain. This software that share your bandwidth and rewards you at 1¢ for 10MB. 

I said that they tried to add other features and on my computer there was a little button with "Content Delivery Off" written on it. With no possibility to turn it on. 

There was just one sentence when I kept my Cursor on it "Content delivery may be disabled depending your location"

I'm in France so I know that we are not the first country to have new features on websites. Most of the time it is USA, UK and Australia. So I just ignored it. Until yesterday when my computer alerted me with this simple message :

Do you want to enable the Content Delivery ?

Obviously I turned it on. And then, nothing more today. But I tried to know what content delivery is. What I understood is pretty simple. You can sum up it by this short phrase "The more you stay on, the more you earn".

Unlike the normal way to earn on Honeygain, you don't earn depending the data you share but depending the time you stay logged in with delivery content on. They say that could add you like $7,50 more each month. When I tried it yesterday, there was a message saying that I was in queue. Officially the only countries where you can have access to it is UK and US.


Initially, as the feature is in Beta we will limit the user pool sizes for Content Delivery. So all eligible devices will be able to stand 'In queue', but only 600 (300 in the US + 300 in the UK) will have the feature Active. Later on in Q1, Honeygain will expand the number of devices that can be connected to the Content Delivery’s servers at a given time.

So maybe I am just a mistake ( like my whole life ) or maybe they tried to expend their countries to test servers.

I will add posts to let you know about the news. I hope that will interest someone here 

If you want to create your own account, please consider to use my Referral link for HoneyGain. Remember that you can use the same account on mutiple devices such as Android, PC, iOS, you can find it also on the Galaxy store and the Huawei Store

Edit :

Juste few seconds AFTER I clicked on "Publish post" I received this notification :351665157-aa4fec5b27bc157ac2935b2c1b80c7fc31c9c5ba50e968b731d69a342705053c.jpeg

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Don't die as a student
Don't die as a student

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