CryptoTab VS Brave Browser

CryptoTab VS Brave Browser

By Ykretz | Don't die as a student | 14 Jun 2020

Hello Publish0x
I'm writing this post about Brave Browser and CryptoTab because except Google Chrome, that are the only ones I tried. I never used Safari or Mozzila Firefox.


When I started to be looking for ways to make money with my computer I first discovered Cryptotab. At the moment I found it really great. I made more than $2-3 in 2 months so I was happy.

The main purpose of CryptoTab Browser is : When it's open on your computer, you can use your Cpu to earn Bitcoins. I said "earn" instead of "mine" because you don't mine directly Bitcoin, you line Monero and CryptoTab converts it to Bitcoin. That's why now you are always rewarded as much as before the Halving.

But there is a lot of issues in their browser you'll see it later.

Brave Browser uses a different way. To start, it offers one of the best AdBlocker you can see. Blocking ads, trackers and securing then websites you visit. Thanks to the ads you don't have to download it helps you to browse faster.

But there is more than that. You can allow Brave to show you Ads, not the ads you usually see but ads that shows as notifications. You can juste close them or visit them, in both cases, you get paid because Brave share it's earning from ads with the users to reward them to use their Browser. All of that is making in BAT ( Basic Attention Token ), their own cryptocurency. Everytime you see an add you earn 0.1 BAT which represents more than $0.02.

I use this one for about a year now and I have more than $80 or earnings.

With this BATs, when you use Brave Browser, you can use it to tip different creators. For exemple, here on Publish0x I can send a BAT tip to the website because Publish0x is a Brave Creator which verified his website.


"Envoyer un pourboire" means "send a tip"

Now let's see the pros and cons of both of the browsers.

CryptoTab :

Pros :

  •  It's pretty fast.
  • It allows you to use your CPU at different speeds and will never it at 100% to let you use you computer while it mines.
  • The 10 steps referral program could be really benefiting if you can get a real network.


Cons :

  • It's not really profitable since you don't have a big referral network. You spend more on electricity bill that you earn.
  • Since some weeks if you want to have a mining boost you have to pay, the price is pretty high. Before you could activate the boost just by browsing some pages. 
  • It could be hard to get some referrals because mining is still a unknown thing for a lot of people.

If you want to create your account you can use my referral code. I don't use it a lot since it's not really profitable but, it creates heat to mine so if I need to warm up my apartment, I launch the mining on my computer so I don't have to turn on the heater.

Brave Browser :
Pros :

  •  It's really fast
  • You earn without doing anything more than usual
  •  If you use it on your phone and your computer and often use it you can really get some extra money
  • Really the best AdBlocker I used
  • You can tip creators without spend money on tipeee or patreon. That's how I made my first contributions to Wikipédia, which is one of the first Brave Verified creator
  • The referral program offers a one time payment but could be up to $7.5. If you want, don't hesitate to use my referral link
  • It offers multiple features and more are coming. The biggest will be VPN⁰, a decentralized VPN which you'll be able to pay with BAT.
    And a lot of little details.

Cons :

  • Sometimes the AdBlocker is too strong and prevents some functionalities to work
  • I don't really know why but I can download more than 1 file on Yggtorrent. When I want to download more I do it with CryptoTab.
  • I have some issues some times with the phone app which seems a little buggy some times but get fix really quickly in updates.

Brave is the Browser I daily use. I really think it is faster than Google Chrome and I get rewarded. For me the biggest Strength of Brave is that introduce new people to the crypto world. It lets us to tip creators without spending money. It really looks like Chrome but I don't know why but, better. The sober lion logo is great. For me it's the best Browser we can use.

This post's goal is to Shaw that I don't understand something :

I don't know how CryptoTab is getting worse with time, rewarding less and need to pay to get rewards while Brave browser remains free, rewards better with multiple ways to get BAT and add new features, often free or, as VPN0 payable with BAT.


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Don't die as a student
Don't die as a student

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