Top 4 Dapp Smart Contract On Tron Network (Tron Wallet, Tron Link, Tron pay)

Top 4 Dapp Smart Contract On Tron Network (Tron Wallet, Tron Link, Tron pay)

By Dominus1 | Dominus1 | 26 May 2020


There are many Dapps out there eversince the introduction of Blockchain Technology. Every Dapp has it function, some are for surfing, some for trading, some are into smart contracts, exchange, Games, Betting etc.

Today I want to talk about my top 4 smart contract on Tron.


1. Eco Smart Contract (ECS Token)

The number one on my list is Eco Smart Contract. The Smart Contract pays out every week (Mondays). It is an investment platform where you earn between 35% to 50% of the company's 10% weekly earnings. Investment are in 3 folds. You invest in either of the 3 packages, that is 5050 TRX, 10050 TRX and 20050 TRX.

With 5050 TRX, you earn 35% of the company's 10% weekly earnings. 10050 TRX gift you 46% as well as 20050 TRX earns you 50% of the company's 10% weekly TRX. You can refer to earn 450 TRX on what your referrals invest. You still earn without referrals.

NB: You need a referral account before you can be able to join.


2. Bank Of Tron.

Bank of Tron gives you daily interests of you investments. Investment start from as little as 100 TRX tokens. You can earn from 3.7% to 6.7% daily depending on your package of choice.


3. New Pool

New pool staking rewards you 9.7 percent daily on your Tron. No need to invest your Tron on any Investment. All you need to do is freeze the amount of TRX you have  on your Tron Wallet, Tron Link or Tron Pay to generate votes. Then you delegate your votes to newpool  on your Tron wallet. There are many Dapps and wallet listed in the voting section. New pool has the best daily return. You can unstake your money after 3 days or allow it to generate more incomes for you.


4.Tron Prime.

Tron Prime allows you to invest your money to a compound. All you need to to is put your money to TronPrime and it will seek for the best compound to delegate your asset to. Your TRX still stays in your account and it not transferred anywhere. You earn rewards. It that simple.

NB: this is not financial advice. It tried and tested though but I hold no responsibility for your losses even though I know you will earn and not incur any lose.

You can add your own in the comments only if it legits. Publish0x does not entertain any scam advertisment. Thanks.

This article will be updated accordingly.

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