By Cryptogirl23 | DOGEANDBTC4YOU | 30 Oct 2022

What a special moment we have after papa Elon buying Twitter.

He already mention that is possible to add Dogecoin to write Twitter posts, are you excited?

I love the crypto world, and everything related to blockchain technology.

Binance has offered their help to Elon Musk, and his new social media platform.

Now we need to wait, but Dogecoin has made a good price in the last 3 days, are you interested in buying more DOGE? Or are you selling?

We need patience, because it takes time to get such a good amount of money with Dogecoin, and/or another memecoins that has already being listed in Exchanges? Learning is a good way to create more profits in the cryptocurrency industry today by day-trading, or swing trading.

Do you want more DOGE news? I'm ready to sell and create some crypto profits in this bear market.

Why? Because I'm not prophet to predict the future haha.

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