Meet Sue Doge
Sue Doge Dropout

Meet Sue Doge

By Sue Doge | Doge Bloge | 14 Aug 2021

Look, it’s not that I didn’t have the grades. It’s not that I didn’t have the determination. It’s not that that I didn’t like the idea fighting tooth and nail for justice in the court of law that I dropped out of law school. I drool for justice. I left because I wanted to take my fight to the streets, to the arena I knew best. That place where mutts and mongrels don’t want to just nip at the heels of institutional bloodhounds. We go for the neck and bury the bones. We’re the underdogs, unleashed. A power-pack.

The name’s Sue. I’m a Shiba Inu. Fluffy, foxy even. But I’m nothing to cuddle. I’m a hunting dog with a penchant for sniffing out fleabag scammers. You know, those hog hounds that lick the little guy’s bowl clean before they turn around and tear at a T-bone steak. I’ve had it with these furballs and, with the help of my K9 community, I’ve made it my life’s work to keep them in the kennel. I don’t care if they’re crypto scammers or big boys on Wall Street. I lick my chops at the idea of taking them down.

Yea, I wear a suit. So what if I’m not a partner at a law firm or a hot-shot broker. Success isn’t about graduating from some acclaimed school or riding a conveyor belt into a fortune 500 corporation. It’s about scratching that itch for living. It’s about fowling up the institutional carpets and digging holes in well-manicured paths to prosperity. I want to roll around in the grass and muddy up marble tiles of banks. And I’m going to look good while doing it.

You probably know my sister, Kabosu, who unwittingly became the face of the viral meme coin, Doge. The golden child. The pick of the litter. Don’t get me wrong, my sister’s a good dog. My pops is always talking about her on Twitter. She’s daddy’s girl, you know. But you just watch, one day I’m going to be top dog. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll join me on Mars.

Are you interested in colonizing Mars, too? Join me here.

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Doge Bloge
Doge Bloge

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