Can You Still Make Money From Faucets?

Can You Still Make Money From Faucets?

By doesalexx | DoesAlexx | 16 Aug 2020

With the high prices of cryptos, and the ever-growing amount of fees needed to do transactions, can you still acquire a considerable amount of any coin or token using a faucet? Yes and no, and it has to do more with which coins you're collecting, rather than how much time you put into collecting them.

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Without considering the amount that each site pays, as that is something that you'll figure out by mostly trial and error, there is something you'll be subject to regardless of the website: fees and minimum withdrawals.



Minimum withdrawals are usually on the lines of 10000 satoshis, with faucets paying about 4 or 5 satoshis. You'll regularly require about 2K claims to secure the minimum amount.



Rather than minimum withdrawals, here the issue is the transaction fee for the payout, gas prices are usually around a dollar or two on a good day. When you had finally collected enough to pay the gas price, you may be bored of the faucet site.



Low withdrawal amount, very cheap fee, and an almost stable price makes LTC a fabulous option, as long as you discover a high-paying website. Faucet Crypto is a remarkable place to start.



A coin on the rise, with brutally fast transactions, and pretty low fees too, not that easy to stake/hold as of yet, however, it was just added to Nexo, so it's a serious contender.



No matter the coin, the key to making something out of faucet claiming, is not looking at Faucet payouts as "free money" in the spending sense, but to see them as a head start for something bigger.


See Faucet payouts, as the funding source for your Stakes and Holdings, and you're on the way to acquire a considerable amount of Crypto, no matter how many times you claim, or how many days you check out your favorite faucet.


Holds produce more wealth, even on the days when you're not going through short links or clicking on ads. It's giving that the more you click at the beginning, the higher your future payouts will be. Give yourself just a week, and do the experiment, see how much can you get.


It won't matter if you end the week the ten cents, a dollar or two, because next week, you shall have more than that if you put them to work into an interest acquiring platform, even if you don't click another PTC ad ever again, your holding will just keep getting bigger.



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