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Hi, welcome to my Doctor Who block-chain card game article😉
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It has been a while since the BBC announced that it would cooperate with RGG(Reality Gaming Group) to launch the first block-chain Doctor Who game in 2020. Today, RGG finally opened the secondary trading market.

Let’s take a quick look at the information connected to the card.
Now players can buy and sell cards in their collections.
This includes the limited alien card frame cards.
This article will tell you about the secondary market in the game✌.

P.S. The current version doesn't support P2P card exchange system between players, but it will be updated and launched in the near future.

If you have ever visited the official website, you should find a new icon named Marketplace appearing at the top, and there're 3 new icons that have also been added to the personal profile list.        

Let’s talk about "My Wallet" first.

After clicking on My Wallet, there are four buttons; namely "Buy vUSD", "Withdraw vUSD", "Transfer Cards" and "Deposit Cards".

  • Buy vUSD: Players need vUSD to make purchases on the secondary market, you can buy vUSD on this page.
    So far, you can buy vUSD via Paypal, credit cards, or crypto, and more options are coming.
  • Withdraw vUSD: You can withdraw the profit earned from the market through Paypal. ( more options are incoming).
    But here are the few rules that you need to know.
    1. Min Withdrawal amount is $50.
    2. Withdrawal fee is $15.
    3. Withdrawal fee of Paypal differs depending on the country. 
    Furthermore, due to the technical issue of the system, please make sure you have at least $0.01 left in your wallet after the withdrawal.

  • Transfer Cards: We know that a major feature of a block-chain game is that it allows players to

truly own their digital assets

As a blockchain game. Each card in the game is a Non-Fungible Token, which ensures the uniqueness of each card, and the token is also stored on the private chain of the RGG company. You can transfer your card to your crypto wallet by paying the fee for block-chain-transferring.
The card's information will also be kept, and it can be posted on NFT trading markets such as Opensea!

  • You can choose to transfer your asset to the crypto wallet of "Ethereum(Mainnet)" or "Polygon(Matic)".


The cost of transferring is 10 vUSD "per" card if you had decided to transfer the asset to Ethereum.
Also, once the card had been transferred, unless you deposit it back into the platform, you can't use the card in-game or launcher.
Here's the Transfer Cards article:Doctor Who: Worlds Apart-OpenSea Guide

You can deposit the cards back into your account by using your deposit address. (This is my own address, don't use it) 771d11ed27d55dc2c2c4e95dba86674d4ac6899721e185f06ed11bc3e43d3be7.png
Now, it's time to officially introduce how to participate in the secondary market!
You can enter your card library called "Collection" or click directly on the Marketplace button for selling your own cards..

  • Sell from your Collection:
    In the Collection, you can see cards have already been neatly arranged in a matrix. There're 4 things that you need to know.
  • 1. Represents the amount of the card you have in that particular frame of the cover shows.
    EX: I have 7 cards of the "THE BRINGERS OF DEATH" in the frame of "STANDARD".
  • 2. Represents how many different frames of "THE BRINGERS OF DEATH" are in that you have.
  • 3. You can filter the card by setting the labels.
  • 4. You can export your collection as a .csv file from the collection page that you filtered.

P.S. For anyone who wants to check the Doctor Who card in 3D, Here's the article! Doctor Who: Worlds Apart- Launcher guide in English Version -- (Keep updated (

If we choose a card, the picture below will be displayed and we can click the blue Sell button to sell the card we own.         

The icons that neared the card represented the information of

  • 🌟Favorites (items)
    - You can select an asset as a favorite.
    - Ability to filter items in marketplace and collection.
  • ❤(Wishlist)
    - You set an item to wishlist and will be notified by email if a wishlist item comes to sale on the marketplace.
    - Ability to filter items in marketplace and collection.


You can also click the " For Sale " button to find out about other cards with the same combination of name and frame currently on the market.

After pressing the " Sell " button, this picture will appear to ask you at what price you want to sell the card. Othe the card sells, it will take a 5% transfer fee. The fee will be invested into the game's fund pool and used for charity or other purposes in the future.
If the player has a Founder Token, then the handling fee will be waived.                                                                                 

           Question: What if a player puts the wrong card or price on the market?

Don’t worry, after the card has been listed on the market, there will be an extra "Remove" button for you to remove the sales on the original Cards page. 
The system will also show this message to notify you after the successful cancellation.

  • Sell from Marketplace:

    After clicking into the market, you will see a post from the RGG & BBC to tell you that there's always a risk to any business deal. Please be careful.

There are 3 listing options.

Marketplace ( Single card purchase )

  • In addition to some familiar information, there are two new pieces of information, namely
    1. Circulating
    : A count of how many cards with this name and frame are currently in the game. For example, currently, there are 45 cards of the-12th Doctor with the Cyber Warrior frame in this Doctor Who game.
    2. For Sale: Represents the "current price" of the card on the secondary market.

"This does not reflect what people have actually paid for the card."

P.S. It will show N/A when the market doesn't have the product on sale yet.
Bundle (multiple cards purchase)
Founders Token
Let's go back to the market.
In addition to finding cards via the search option or just scrolling through the market, you can create listings for cards you want to sell directly in the marketplace. Just click “Create Listing”.
Different from selling cards in your Collection, there is no way to know how many cards are currently on the market.
But you can select multiple cards directly through the Create Listing/Bundle button on the right and put them on the shelves individually, or bundle them into a combination for sale.

  • Last but not least, you can manage the card which you had put on the market for selling by clicking on the icon called "My Listings".
    1. Single Card. Click the button "Remove" to cancel the sale.
    Click the icon 📊 to check the information of that card on the market history.
    2. Bundle. Click the button "Remove" to cancel the sale.

This was a guide for the second-hand market of the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart game.
Thank you for reading~🙌

If you are interested in the game you can click on the link to the game’s official website.
See for yourself and experience this amazing Doctor Who block-chain card game officially authorized by the BBC.

You can join the official Discord to learn more

There's also an official Facebook club for you 😘
Doctor Who: Worlds Apart TCG | Facebook

Welcome to join us in the Doctor Who universe!

*2021/05/29 updated

They added an activity page in the Marketplace!


Click to see a few new information, including

1. Total amount of consumption in history.
2. Total asset traded amount in history.
3. Real-time transaction information for most recent purchases.
4. Highest selling cards.
5. Highest amounts paid for Founders Tokens.
6. Which frames sold the most.
7. Which cards sold the most.



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