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Why "Doctor Platypus" and Two Furballs

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 6 Aug 2020

The Story Behind the Name

When I was just little, I loved watching Mr. Rogers. Apparently, so did my babysitter, who called me "Dr. Bill Bill Platypus" after Dr Duckbill Platypus in Mr. Rogers' Land of Make Believe. In 2010, when I finished my PhD (English literature specializing in the medieval and renaissance periods), I adopted the Dr. Platypus name for my own informal use. 

Stuff I am likely to include in this blog
  • analysis and speculation about the literature and art I am consuming - I mostly read science fiction/fantasy novels, and non-superhero comics and graphic novels. 
  • updates and previews of the scholarly work I am doing - I am currently working on a book of essays arguing for novels like Peter Pan and the Alice books and short fiction like certain stories of Hawthorne and Lovecraft as successors to the 14th century Dream Vision genre.
  • sketches and exercises from online drawing courses I have been taking - currently working my way through one on Udemy, which is quite good, at least for me - I drew the lemon and the ear in the images associated with the blog.
  • previews of my creative writing - don't hold your breath, though; I am not so prolific these days. 
  • yarn-related projects - I make crocheted toys for my niece, and knit various things as well.
  • garden updates - I planted an onion, a pot of dill, and a pot of basil, and bunnies ate my basil.
Before and After Fuzzy Spheres

To get the ball rolling (or not, depending on how badly the fur catches on the carpet...), here are two pictures of furry-textured spheres that I drew, one about a year ago, and one yesterday:

Before and after sketches of fur-textured spheres

Still plenty of room for improvement, before I am ready to paint my fur-textured spheres mural on the ceiling of a cathedral...

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Current projects: writing a literary history book about Victorian and Edwardian fiction as successor to the medieval dream vision genre. Learning to draw. Slooooowly learning the fancier ins and outs of the roll20 VTT.

Doctor Platypus
Doctor Platypus

Musings on and examples from various creative and constructive projects.

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