Triptych of gesture poses - pencil sketches

Triptych of gesture figures

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 31 Dec 2020

I feel like I need to capture more information in my drawings in a shorter time, so that if I am trying to draw from a living situation that might change, I won't be denied the opportunity to complete my drawing. Toward that goal, tonight I did a bunch of three-minute gesture drawings, on the theory that practice makes perfect, or at least better. 

A few of the sketches were pretty sketchy, but as I practiced I had a few that I thought were looking a bit better. After the timed drawing period was done, I went back and added some shading and definition and detail to the three best sketches, and here are those:

Triptych of gesture drawings - pencil sketches

Each of these poses provided different challenges: For example, in the first sketch, I needed to completely reorganize my thinking about anatomy. On an athletic, low-body-fat model, you kind of know where the pecs go, and where the abs go, etc. When you add a substantial (and realistic for humans) layer of body fat, the shapes are different, and it's harder to predict where details fall, so you have to pay a lot more attention to details in the reference image.

In the center image, the main challenge for me was making sure the strength in the arms and raised leg were visible, and that was very interesting. I also wanted to indicate the energy and gravity of the sketch in his falling hair. 

The pose on the right is generally just complicated. It was hard for me to figure out exactly where each limb should emerge from under which other limb, and the risk that (for instance) the left arm, protruding from beneath the torso and right arm, would look disembodied or worse, dislocated and painful rather than restful.

I also don't get a lot of practice drawing feet and toes, so I was able to work on that in the center and right sketches, as well as my ongoing practice drawing fingers and hands. 

Thanks for looking at my drawings! 


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