Slightly censored 20-minute sketch of model Callum

Timed Sketches of Callum

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 14 Feb 2021

As planned, today I participated in the Doable Guys Figure Drawing workshop, and today's model was Callum. There were four 5-minute poses, two 10-minute poses, and three 20-minute poses.

Here is my current favorite of the 20-minute poses:

20 minute timed sketch of model Callum

He started the session in a black, fringed leather jacket and a necklace and those boots (the boots are actually black, but I ran out of time haha). At various points he took of the jacket and even the necklace, but he kept those boots on in every single pose. He was also playing with a bunch of roses and carnations throughout the session, so you'll see those in most of the poses.

20 minute timed sketch of model Callum

In the third 20-minute pose, he had, um, inserted a flower in a way that's a little bit frank and a lot sensitive, so I will not include that sketch here, but feel free to check for it on my Instagram.

Here are the two 10-minute poses:

10-minute timed sketch of model Callum10-minute timed sketch of model Callum

And here are the four 5-minute poses:

Three 5-minute timed sketches of model Callum

5-minute timed sketch of model Callum

This workshop was very matter-of-fact. There wasn't much in the way of chat among the students and moderators; all of the time was dedicated to drawing poses. I mention this not to compare it favorably or unfavorably to the other workshops I participate in, but only to mark the difference in styles. I would have enjoyed seeing some of the other artists' sketches, but I know I'll be able to see those on the Doable Guys instragram, later. I got the sense this one is trying harder to be a "professional" session where the others are aiming for friendly and fun. In the end, it's all about the practice, though, and I am happy with the practice I get in both workshops. It was very interesting drawing a professional model!


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