Man reclining against sofa - pencil sketch

Re-drawing masculinity Figure Drawing Workshop - January 2021

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 31 Jan 2021

Today was the January RE-Drawing Masculinity workshop so I spent the afternoon working on timed gesture drawing. We warmed up with 2- and 3-minute poses, and of course those were Not Great, but then warmups aren't necessarily supposed to be. A few of them came out all right, and the best of them are included later in this post. We followed the warmup with two 10-minute poses and to 20-minute poses. The 20-minute poses were odd for me - I am used to running out of time, and the 20-minute schedule afforded me time to look back and try to find trouble spots and in some cases even fix those trouble spots haha.

Here is my 20-minute sketch of Paul:

Man reclining against sofa - pencil sketch

I think I could profitably do more work on his head, which seems a bit small, and his face could use more detail; however, I am really pleased with the arms and legs, and happy enough with his torso: I like that you can kind of see the way gravity affects his core as he leans on the couch.

And here is my 20-minute sketch of Briden:

Man sitting with paddle in front of him - pencil sketch

Again, the head may be disproportionate - or perhaps it's just his neck being a bit too long? - and the face could certainly use some more detail. This pose presented some foreshortening challenges, and I tried to keep those in mind, but I think his left leg (the one on our right) looks shorter than his right leg, so I have to get some practice in with that sort of perspective. Proportions aside, I like the way his feet came out.

Here's my 10-minute sketch of Briden:

Man in harness with riding crop - pencil sketch

This month, again, the two models posed separately and asked us to sketch them into the same image. Here are Briden and Paul, posing in separate Zoom frames, concatenated into a single image:

Man being tickled on the head - pencil sketch

I believe I am the only participant who opted to have Briden tickling Paul's head. Ahem.

I love this workshop, because it's so joyful and playful, but I still get practice with difficult techniques. I think of my art-major friends in college many many years ago, in tears after a critique. I'm sure I would benefit from a stricter critique, but who needs the kind of meanness that results in weeping. 

And that puts a wrap on January. Wishing you all a prosperous and joyful February!

Thanks for looking at my pictures!

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