Abby - 3 minute colored pencil sketch

Re-drawing masculinity Figure Drawing Workshop - April 2021

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 25 Apr 2021

Today was the monthly Redrawing Masculinity figure drawing zoom session. This month there was a guest model, several of the students opted to pose for 3-minute sketches, and the overall poses were shorter than usual, so the vast balance of the poses were very fast. One of the aspects of masculinity (traditionally defined) that they are trying to "redraw" is the idea that it is exclusionary. There were several women in the class today, and some of them decided to pose for us, which was awesome!

There were nine 2-minute poses, three 10-minute poses (these were the longest poses today), three 5-minute poses, NINE 3-minute poses (including the poses the students sat for), and a final 5-minute pose by the guest model, Kyle. With this many poses, most of them very short, and there aren't very many standout pieces that I am really happy with. I won't post all of them, I don't think. But here are the ones that I feel like I learned the most from drawing.

Here are my two-minute sketches of Kyle:

Kyle in three poses - 2-minute timed pencil sketches

Paul, 2-minutes:

Paul in three poses - 2-minute timed pencil sketches

You know, now that I am looking at these, especially considering they are 2-minute sketches, maybe they are better than I am giving myself credit for. One think I am noticing is that I don't seem so concerned about keeping the sketches separate as I used to feel.

Here's Briden, ten minutes:

Briden - 10-minute timed pencil sketch

This was probably the best of the day. I'm still not entirely happy with the arm he is leaning on, but I really like how his torso came out, and his hair.

Kyle and Briden, five minutes:

briden and kyle - five-minute timed sketches

Clearly I ran out of both time and space to draw Kyle's head. Sorry Kyle! But I am pretty happy with the way Briden's foot came out.

Abby, one of the students, had SPECTACULAR HAIR THAT I AM OBESSED WITH (3 minute pose):

Abby's hair - 3-minute timed colored pencil sketch

Briden, 3-minutes:

Briden in two poses - 3-minute timed pencil sketches

He's leaning on an easel there, not a standing vacuum cleaner lol. I think I oversized the fist he's leaning his head on in the second sketch, but I like the shape of it. Actually, I'm seeing the placement of his face on the head, with his mouth so close to his chin, and thinking maybe it's that his HEAD is too SMALL, not that his hand is too big. I could extend the face substantially chinward to correct both the placement of his face on the head and the disproportion between fist and head.

Paul, 3-minutes:

Paul in two poses: 3-minute timed pencil sketches

Paul busted out his heels for his final set. I keep looking at these and saying "that's not very good, man." and then remembering that it was only 3 minutes and thinking "that's so much better than I could do in three minutes, even 6 months ago!"

It's funny to think about. Short poses like this don't really result (for me at least) in many sketches I am proud to display. But the speed component is SUCH good practice. I have to remember to assess the output compared to past output of the same duration rather than comparing it to what I can NOW do in a 20 minute sketch or an untimed picture.

Thanks for looking at my drawings :D


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