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By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 27 Apr 2021

Today I participated in a new lifedrawing Zoom, hosted by Thamesmead Life Drawing, with very talented model Andrea, who was Zooming from Italy. I wish I was in Italy. 

The session ended with a 20-minute portrait, which was downright luxurious. Here's my portrait:

Portrait of Andrea - pencil, 20 minutes

This session was "quick poses" themed, so there were several short poses, including 2 minutes of TEN SECOND poses, which to be honest I had no idea what to do about. The session opened with a warmup of a few two-minute poses, then later on there was this 10-second, rapid-fire sequence, then another set of two-minute poses.

My ten-second sketches are exactly and only stick figures, and I ran out of time for every last one of them. But the two-minute sketches I did after that were objectively better than the ones I did before, and I don't think it was because of being warmed up, at least not entirely.

I won't bother posting my stick men, but here are the before-and-after two-minute sketches. 


Andrea in three poses - 2-minute timed sketches


Andrea in two poses - 2-minute timed sketches

Five minute sketches:

Andrea in two poses - 5-minute timed sketches

Andrea has AMAZING hair and I tried to capture it, even though in a five minute pose I should really have focusted on proportions and stuff more and hair/details less...

Finally, a set of 15-minute sketches:

Andrea in two poses - 15-minute timed sketches

He was leaning on a long stick in the first pose, but I'm not sure you can see that in his posture - He's leaning in the correct direction I think, but his muscles don't seem like they are pressing down along the stick. Something to work on!

I got out the colored pencils for the second pose, because my brain was getting confused about which lines were his hand and butt and leg, and which lines were that pillow he's sitting on. 

Andreas - 15-minute timed sketch

I like how many faces I was able to get in, especially given the short poses, and I like that the faces mostly look like they are proportioned and positioned correctly. Pretty much only the actual portrait looks anything like the model's face, but even so - for a recognizable drawing, I want to spend more time than 15 minutes on JUST the face. 

All in all, I am very happy with today's practice.

Thanks for coming along for this learning journey I am on :D

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