Man leaning on door, looking away - pencil, colored pencil

Pensive doorman, who are you listening to?

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 12 Aug 2021

Tonight I found a very cool reference photo on the MaleFormDrawing instagram page. I really liked the framing of the door, which I think adds an intimacy, like you're looking in on his life as he listens to someone or watches something going on outside the frame. I also wanted to try to capture his pose and the shading on his legs and the way his hand rests on his hip. 

Here's my drawing:

Man leaning on door, looking away from us - pencil, colored pencil

When I added the brown for the door, I liked it so much I decided to add color to the background. The purple left the figure looking washed out, and made the impression that the door was the focus of the composition, which was obviously not ideal. I thought about going over the figure in green, but I couldn't decide WHAT green, and ultimately got wise advice to simply darken the pencil shading and line work on the figure to draw it into greater focus.

In the end, I am pretty happy with how it came out. I think if I were to do it again, I might use gold rather than blue for the doorknob, but on the whole I like it.


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