Merman reclining.

Merman Jaron

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 29 Apr 2021

This evening I had the opportunity to draw friendly merman Jaron during a life drawing Zoom hosted by ArtGymSD. Jaron is an incredibly talented model. He really has a great sense of how to twist and rotate his body to create the most interesting and challenging lines and shapes. Also, if I understand it correctly he made his own mermaid tail himself. 

We started with a set of 2-minute warmup sketches, and I won't burden your eyes with those. Here are the remaining sketches :D

I believe this was my favorite of the evening.

Merman reclining - 20 minutes, colored pencils

Merman eating - foreshortening mistake.

Made a foreshortening mistake on that one, clearly. I do like how his face came out, though, and the way his tummy folds.

Jaron posing - 15 minutes, pencil

I enjoyed the way his hips were cocked in this one - it made cool shadows on his rib cage and gave an interesting shape to his legs.


Jaron in two poses - 5 minute sketches in pencil

Those are 5-minute sketches - I wish he had brought back that fabric for a later, longer poses, too. It was fun to draw. He did bring back the flower, which was nice.

Merman - sitting up

Jaron posing with flower

There's that flower again :D This one was probably my favorite of the non-merman poses. I am really happy with the foreshortening of his right leg. I could add some depth to his hair, I think. But do you see what I mean about how the way he twists his torso creating interesting creases?


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