Introducing Sideface Hairguy
Man with hair bun, side view - pencil drawing

Introducing Sideface Hairguy

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 15 Apr 2021

Over the last few days I have been practicing to draw specific facial features and hair and stuff, but when I have tried to integrate them all into a face it has looked like silent-film-era horror stuff. I think the issue is that I was not working from reference, so today I found a picture of someone with hair that looked interesting to draw and facial features that weren't all tangled up, etc, and tried to draw him. The Udemy lesson I was watching today was specifically about hair, so I selected my reference photo with that in particular in mind. 

Here's the result.

Side view of man with bun - pencil sketch

there's a weird disconnect between the tidy bun and the swirly hair ends below it, but I think I can probably fix that later. Other than that, I am actually pretty happy with how this came out. I feel like there's some shape to his hair and face. His beard needs a bit more shading I thinnk, and the shadow under his chin needs to be more pronounced. I am quite happy with the ear. After the 15 noses exercise, this one felt pretty simple. I decided to keep it super simple with the eye, just letting the eyelashes and the cheekbones do most of the work.

Thanks for looking at my pictures :D


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