Four sketches for Inktober 6-9 - Pencil

Inktober Days 6-9: Bouquet, Trip, Match, Nest

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 10 Oct 2022

I was away on vacation for a bit, but still working on Inktober drawings. 

Day 6: Bouquet

Man sniffing glass of wine - pencil

I am mostly very pleased with this one - I especially like the way the light reflects on the glass and that his hand looks reasonable, like it's cupping a glass. His face is better than my faces often are - I am pleased with his eyes and nose, in particular. However, his chin seems a bit shrunken here - possibly because of his posture, but possibly I need to move his jawline a bit south...

Day 7: Trip

stylized jet plane icon trailing dashed line from origin icon - pencil

I just sort of dialed this one in. I thought about doing something funny with a banana peel, but my cousin beat me to that lol. I was on vacation ;-)

Day 8: Match

polkadot socks - pencil

Not too much to say about this one. I considered drawing a lit match, but I drew fire a few days ago for the picture of poor Beaker, and an unlit match didn't seem that interesting, so I thought about what else matches. I am pleased with the shape of the feet - this sort of foreshortening takes practice, and I could easily have ended up with a pair of canoes wearing socks instead...

Day 9: Nest

Nest with four eggs on a forked tree branch - pencil

I am pretty excited about this one - I like how the tree bark is implied, that the nest seems to be concave (this is not as easy to do as it sounds - my early attempts to draw bowls looked totally convex), the way the leaves interact with the branch and the nest. I am not sure what to do about the apparent forward tilt of the nest - Maybe if the ellipse were shallower?

Thanks for visiting my pictures :D

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