Inktober Day 1 and Day 2: Crystal, Suit

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 2 Oct 2021

I'm hoping to use the Inktober prompts again this year to re-establish a daily drawing habit. The first two prompts this year are 'crystal' and 'suit'.

Green crystals on a red background - colored pencils

You can see I didn't start off too ambitious. I did try to show them being translucent by showing the ones in back through the ones in front, at least a little, but I'm not sure how well it came off.

Man in an unbuttoned suit - pencil

For day 2, 'suit' I spent a few minutes thinking about the prompt. Did I want to do a suit of clothes? a pack of playing cards? a lawsuit? What would a lawsuit even look like? Too abstract I decided. It will come as a surprise to No One that my preferred way to view an evening suit is as it is about to fall off of a dude, so that's what I went for. Here's the reference photo. I'm pretty happy with his hair and the position of his head and proportions of his face. I have historically had trouble making it look like my pictures are looking downward, and I think that this one really captures the direction of his gaze and the tilt of his head pretty well. I could do more with the way his shirt wrinkles and folds, but I think it's looking good (at least, better than my fabrics USUALLY look) already, so I decided not to fuss too much. There will be time, in November, to go back and do revisions if I decide that they are needed after the month is over. I do feel a bit lazy for leaving out his hands, which ought to be in his pants pockets, so I wouldn't even have had to fart around drawing fingers and fretting that they look like spaghetti.

Tomorrow's prompt will be 'vessel', so I will spend today thinking about what to draw for that. Ship? Drinking glass? Vein? Who knows!

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