Hanna the Hedgehog - colored pencil drawing

Hanna the Hedgehog

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 4 Mar 2021

When I showed her my platypus drawing, my cousin asked me to try drawing her daughter's pet hedgehog, Hanna.

Meet Hanna:

Hanna the Hegdgehog - colored pencil drawing

I've posted lots of timed figure sketches lately, and there's likely to be lots more, so I am trying to draw some cuter stuff in the in-between times. It's cool to remind myself that I can produce something a little bit more polished when I am not racing against a deadline. Of course the correct response to that observation is to get better at timed drawing, and I am clearly practicing that, too. 

Anyhow, I hope you like Hanna. Thanks for looking at my pictures :D



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