Pencil drawing - Man stretching on floor

Floor stretches can be so relaxing

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 13 Feb 2021

Tomorrow, in the spirit of being single on Valentine's Day, I am planning to attend a figure drawing workshop called Doable Guys Virtual Drawing to keep myself occupied and not brooding.

To get in the spirit, today I got in a little untimed practice:

Pencil Drawing - Man stretching on floor

I chose this pose to draw because I was interested in the foreshortening of the distant leg, the position of the distant arm above the head, and most especially because of the interaction of the feet and the near hand.

The element that I found most difficult to capture, and I am pretty sure I still have not captured it properly, is the twist in his lower back. You see there's a line curving from the separation of his buttocks toward his upper torso. That line is meant to be his spinal column, but Instead it looks like it indicates where his side ends and his back begins. I need to keep fussing around with it.

I am very pleased with how his face and hair came out, and with the hands and feet, and the foreshortening in the legs. So the things I set out to do, I did. But now I want that curve-of-the-torso to look right. You may be seeing this picture again, revised, later.

As always, thanks for looking at my pictures, and any advice about how to fix the twisting torso issue would be most welcome.



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