Lalo dramatic gesture - 5 minute timed pencil sketch

Figure Drawing Workshop: The Male Form - Pinto and Scott

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 7 Mar 2021

Continued practice with figure drawing, and in a few cases real progress. In a few others, maybe not so much progress. It was a good practice!

Here are my best efforts from today's workshop:

Pinto, 15-minute poses:

Pinto reclining - 15 minute timed pencil sketch

I was able to capture enough shape information fast enough to get in some actual shading on this one. Still plenty of room for improvement, of course, but I usually run out of time WAY before getting to that point, and this pose had more torsion than many others do, with his head twisted one way and his hips the other.

Model Pinto - 15 minute timed pencil sketch

Pinto, 10-minute poses:

Pinto sitting - 10-minute timed pencil sketch

Had a little trouble with the legs on this one, I think his right leg (on our left) needs to be rather thicker. But I was happy with the beginning shapes of his right foot, as well as with the placement and rendering (sketchy, but I think effective) of his hands. I feel like I can see how he was bending his hands, how they were draped, etc.

Pinto leaning away - 10 minute time pencil sketch

IN this one, I see that his legs are too thin and short, but as I was sketching it I really did try to place all of the joints and extremities in the correct position relative to one another. Something just went pear shaped. I guess I needed to place his stool further down on the page to make more room for his legs? I should just crop out all but his torso and arms haha.

Pinto and Scott, 5-minute poses:

It was in the 5-minute poses that I felt I saw the most improvement, because usually my shorter poses are Not Very Good. These are not all (or any, really) masterpieces, even given the short timing - but I think they are much more successful than my usual renderings of short poses.

In order from the ones I like best to least:

Pinto dramatic gesture - 5 minute timed pencil drawing

I love this one. I don't even mind (and yes, I do SEE it) the wobbliness of the lines of his back forearm, because I was so happy with how the forward one, the torso, the head position, the general energy all came out. This was a 5 minute sketch!

Scott in two poses - 5 minute timed pencil sketches

I think these two sketches of Scott are the next best ones among my 5-minute poses, especially the one on the left, which I think really catches the way he was stretching better than I have been able to capture in such a short time before.

Pinto carrying a jug - 5 minute timed pencil sketch

This one wasn't that good, but it was still good practice. I think maybe I don't like when the models bring in props? But I need to get over that, obviously. 

thanks for looking at my pictures!


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