lady face - pencil drawing

Faces - Drawing practice

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 31 Aug 2020

A lot of this coursework goes so fast, and it's easy to just do what the instructor shows you once and move to the next lesson; That's basically what I did first time through. This time, though, I am spending a lot more time on revisions and adjustments, and practice, and I think it's interesting to see how much difference a really very small change can make. 

Today's lesson was to draw a face - the instructor offered mainly a sense of proportionally where on the head each feature would probably land for an average face, and then he just drew in the remaining features. I know that the next several lessons are about how to draw individual features better, so that's fine. Here is the face I drew with the instructor (left) and the revised face (right):

B&A faces - pencil sketches

As always, not winning any photorealism contests here, but notice what a big difference redrawing one of the eyes makes in terms of general believability. Making the two eyes look like they match is HARD, but totally worth it, obviously. 

For comparison purposes, here are the faces I drew with the instructor a year or so ago, the first time I took this lesson:

three faces - pencil drawing

I drew these one a day for three days, and naturally the third day I got the best results. It's all about practice and revision, it seems.

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