drawing of salamanders mating - colored pencil

Congress :D

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 28 Apr 2022

My Wednesday evening art zoom is back on, and so are my weekly drawing prompt words. Our word selection method is pretty arbitrary - we pick a random book off the shelf, then a random page number, random line, random word number, etc - So sometimes we end up with words that don't seem all that promising.

This was one of those weeks, but I have to admit: sometimes the weeks where the word seems unlikely result in the most fun pictures! 

This week's word was 'congress', and I really didn't want to draw the capitol building, or 17th century rich men in wigs poking fingers in one another's faces, or some snake giving a speech at a lectern, or the CSPAN logo. A bit of research reminded me that 'congress' can be the group noun for salamanders, and of course 'congress' can also refer to sex, so...

drawing of salamanders mating in the grass - colored pencil

I was weirdly happiest with how the grass came out - I often get super nervous about large fields of ground cover, or bushes, or whatever - they seem so detailed! But I decided to apply the advice cartoonists give about drawing hair to drawing the grass this time: don't draw individual blades of grass; draw shapes formed by clumps and peaks of grass instead, then let the shading and color handle the rest. I like how it worked! It's not so realistic, but I think it reads correctly as grass. Since my desired milestones include drawing some comics, I think this style of grass makes more sense anyhow.

As always, thanks for looking at my pictures :D




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