Ahmad and Joe playing Backgammon - 20 minute sketch

Another workshop featuring Joe and Ahmad

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 31 May 2021

Joe and Ahmad are both amazing models, and they live on different continents. They seem to have a real connection though, so on the rare occasions when they pose together, it's usually pretty spectacular. 

Here are my sketches from today's figure drawing session, hosted by That Bare Life.

First they each did a 5-minute solo pose:

Ahmad and Joe - 5 minute solo poses - pencil sketches

Ahmad was actually sitting on a stool, but I ran out of time. Five minutes is not that long haha.

Joe and Ahmad ten minute sketch - Pencil

I had time to draw the chair Joe was sitting on in the ten-minute pose.

Joe and Ahmad - 15 minutes - pencil

In this fifteen-minute pose, they were intertwined prette elaborately and I had trouble figuring out HOW to get the chair in there. 

In the next pose, the twenty-minute, they broke out the backgammon set to keep their minds occupied while they posed. Ahmad's left arm came out a little wonky, because that's the hand he uses to roll dice and move game pieces. I am otherwise pretty excited about this one, because the figures I drew are sort of recognizable as the models. 

Joe and Ahmad playing backgammon - 20 minutes - pencil

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