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How ZilHive may revolutionize blockchain



          In our last blog post, we spoke about the current limitations of blockchain technology that is exposed through Ethereum's current dilemma. We also examined how Zilliqa can fix most, if not all, of these current limitations, not in the future but with their current technology. However as we discussed in our last post, Zilliqa has almost no third party development on their ecosystem, no finances, no DeFi, no Staking, no legitimate games or casino Dapps, no exchanges, and no social Dapp platform. Yet, this is all going to change in the coming months, as Zilliqa has positioned itself to not only have a vast and thriving ecosystem but to also have industry disruptive companies emerge and possibly revolutionize and dominate certain crypto sectors. 



          As an incentive to develop its ecosystem, the Zilliqa team set aside $5 million to create a three-track program called ZILHive that funds and helps develop ideas and bring them to fruition.

Track 1: Education

          The first track focuses on education to help developers and non-developers to A) Learn about blockchain. B) Learn to code for the blockchain using Zilliqa's own programming language, Scilia. C) Put the programming skills and Ideas on the Zilliqa Ecosystem. The current setup for ZILHive has three courses one can apply for and take: The blockchain developer course, The blockchain business course, and the Foundation course. The blockchain Developers course is a course for web developers to upskill and learn how to build decentralized applications on the Zilliqa blockchain. The blockchain for business course introduces blockchain fundamentals with a deep dive into its real-world business use cases. The Foundation course introduces blockchain fundamentals using Zilliqa's network as the primary medium of learning. If you want to learn more check out the education page Here.

Track 2: Grants

          The purpose of the grant program is to find ideas for the Zilliqa blockchain and create solutions for it. If a team doesn't have a concrete idea or does not know what problem to tackle, but still wants to contribute to the Zilliqa blockchain they can choose from a list of Ideas the Zilliqa team wants to implement. If they get the proposal they will be funded and also have some of the Zilliqa team to help them get started. Here is a small list of some of the current ideas Zilliqa has proposed and are being worked on now:

  • Oracle contract adapters for ChainLink nodes
  • ERC-1115 translation to Zilliqa Scilia to allow fractionalized NFT's.
  • Trustless cross-chain swaps for fungible tokens
  • A web-based NFT wallet manager using ZilPay. 
  • An innovative betting platform using ZIL
  • Wrapper for ZRC1 NFTs to be backed by $ZIL as collateral
  • Overcollaterised loan protocol 
  • On venture capital financing in the cryptocurrency space
  • A Connection between Blockchain and the insurance industry

These developments and ideas have the capability of catapulting Zilliqa to the forefront of blockchain development and ushering in the next-generation crypto, placing Zilliqa at the doorsteps of the Next frontier in blockchain technology.  

Track 3:

          The final track of the ZILHive initiative is to Accelerate high-potential blockchain startups to scale their business and make an impact. The program is tailored specifically to each startup and covers a wide range of topics from:

  • Business Modeling
  • Legal advice
  • UI/UX design
  • Proof of Concept
  • development of a functional and practical Dapp on the Zilliqa blockchain


          The ZILHive vision is to upskill individuals and teams and accelerate projects that will form the bedrock of web 3.0. As a result a few massive and potentially disruptive companies have already emerged from Phase 1 of the program:

If you wish to learn more of these 3 companies please click the links. As we can see ZilHive has positioned Zilliqa to become a dominant blockchain with it's future utilities and soon to be a vast ecosystem. The three companies listed above are some of the earlier recipients of the ZILHive grants program, next we examine the current recipients and the current development that is taking place right now. 

Thank you for taking the time and commitment to read and remember: "KEEPING STACKING THOSE SATS!" and "See you at the top". 




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Do you want to be a Zillionaire?
Do you want to be a Zillionaire?

Zilliqa is a fast and low-cost blockchain that serves as a platform for decentralized applications. Implementing sharding scalable technology and utilizing the Scilia software language, Zilliqa is positioning itself to be a disruptive company in the ecosystem and a potential rival to Ethereum. Can it succeed?

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