Two Brothers Vow

Two Brothers Vow

By Djmssr | D.j.messer | 24 Apr 2019

    Two brothers growing, laughing, playing together

through out the vibrant sands of time.

Two lovingly divine entities

oh-so delicately intertwined for the rest of eternity.

Fighting vigilantly, never wilting in the face of adversity.

With a valiant vow to always be true and just.


Tragedy is a constant sorrow,

for the peacefully heart wrenching hands of fate creep in.

Shadowed by an air of darkness as a brother is laid to rest.

A wondering soul, torn from this world a time before

like the pages of a tattered book.


My soul shall not hinder,

as I will continue to seek my truth.

I shall continue to usher in every coming age with the birth of a new era.

And with every new breath we shall fight.

Fight to soar amongst the clouds together forever.

Fight to never be parted again.



"Thoughts and Dreams" 

Pg 58

Copyright 2015

D.J Messer

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