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What a strange world we are living in right now !

By Djordi | DJCrypto | 19 Apr 2020

Hi everyone !

It has been a while since I last wrote an article. Normally I tend to write crypto-related articles, but today I want to talk about our world we live in right now.


I have been working full-time the last months, but like may other people have been put in working part-time due to the coronavirus. This gives me more time to write articles again and makes me reflect as well on what is going on.

It seems sometimes that we live in some sort of virtual reality or a simulation right now. We went rather suddenly from a normal life to a constricted one. I live in France so I cannot really speak on behalf of other countries, but I do watch a lot of news on TV and internet. A lot of different visions and theories come up as to what caused this outbreak, but I have not enough knowledge to judge if this is all natural or in some way manipulated. For myself I tend to stay home a lot already during my spare time, so in some way not much has changed, but I do tend to watch out a lot more by washing my hands often, not touching my face anymore and wearing a mask when I go for groceries.

An interesting thing to watch is the different ways governments handle this virus. There are countries where you are really restricted in what you can do (look at France, Italy, China, India, etc.) and there are other countries where it seems that the economy is more important for now (USA, United Kingdom, Sweden, etc.). Please tell me if I am wrong, because this is the image we get from France television/media and this might well be manipulated as well (Television = tell a vision ?). In France we have to stay home as much as possible and if you go out, you have to show a paper that you filled out to show where you are going. If you cannot show a paper (you did not bring one with you) or the reason for going out is not legit, you can get a fine of 135 euros (it can be more depending on the situation). If you go out for sports, you have to stay in a 1 km radius of your house and you cannot do it in groups.


In France we seem to have problems with the supply of masks, reanimation machines and tests. This probably goes back to an age where another president found it unimportant to have stocks of this in case of an unsuspected outbreak of a virus. They probably got rid of it for budget reasons and thinking nothing was going to happen. Well it turns out it would have been better to have products at hand and in stock ! Hopefully they will learn from these mistakes. Now I am not going to criticize fully the French president, because I guess he is trying to do his best (it most not be easy to be president right now in any country), but there are questions that can be asked. Why would the government tell people that masked are not important to wear, that it is only important for people to wear it if they are infected ? Why only recently they suddenly change their stance and now it is very important to wear it ? Ohh yeah now we seem to finally be working on our supply of masks. Ordering a shitload from China and trying to produce masks by French companies to finally help all the people that really need masks, like hospital personnel, people that work in retirement homes and at the end even for citizens.

Tests are another subject. In France it seems we do not find it all that important to test everyone. Would it not be interesting to be able to test everyone and have good statistics to move forward and an afterlife after this weird situation we are in right now ? Macron is saying that tests are not really useful, because you can be tested negative today and tomorrow you can catch it. In some way he is right of course, but I still think it will be more useful to try and test everyone, even if it is to lessen the risks just a little bit for people getting it. If you find people that test positive, even if they do not show symptoms, you can at least quarantine them instead of leaving them walk around in shops and spread the virus.

To continue on the ordering of masks from China, a lot of countries seem to be doing it. China is suddenly very important in this regard. To make things even more interesting, we see countries steal masks from other countries that ordered from China. Italy had a bunch of masks ordered from China and it landed first in Czech republic (for whatever reason) and guess what ? The Czech republic stole these masks and it never got fully to Italy (you can easily find articles on internet about this). The Czech Republic say they “seized it” and did not stole it, but it remains weird. Next up is France that apparently stole some masks from Spain and Italy. An order of masks came in, in Lyon (French city) and it turned out France kept it. Germany apparently did the same. After this happened the USA did the same with France when  they ordered a big amount of masks from China. Before it went on the plane in China, American officials went on the tarmac and offered two to three times the amount of money and so they were able to get a part of the shipment.


To sum it all up it seems that countries are in a mode of “survival of the fittest” or “the one with the most power and money will win this battle”. It is very sad to see this happening. They are trying to steal to make up for their lack of preparation, or for the lack of taking this virus seriously. If you were to steal in a shop and the police catches you, you will either get a fine or go to jail, but if the government does this ? Hmmm it turns out that they do live above the law…..

Now I imagine that a lot of countries are trying to find a vaccine and want to give this vaccine to everyone, which is great of course. On the other hand there are also governments that do not really care about other people, but only to get re-elected or to stay in power.

I really would like to know about other countries and readers of this article. What is your opinion about this situation and how do you perceive what is going on right now ?

I could go on for a while with my rant (I did not want to criticize, but it is harder than I thought while writing), but that will probably bore you after some time.

Thanks a lot for reading this article and hopefully we can start some sort of discussion, because we live in unprecedented times !

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I am Djordi van Kampen and I live in France. 2017 was the year I learned for the first time about cryptocurrencies and I am intrigued by what it can accomplish in this world, for the better of course !


Crypto enthusiast that would like to share his experience in the market in terms of investing and trading. Also travels a lot and likes photography and minerals.

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