Charles Hoskinson believes Cardano (ADA) can hit a one trillion market cap in the future !

Charles Hoskinson believes Cardano (ADA) can hit a one trillion market cap in the future !

By Djordi | DJCrypto | 24 Apr 2020

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Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano (ADA) and the co-founder of Ethereum. After a disagreement of the direction Ethereum should go, Charles decided to go and create his own cryptocurrency called Cardano. He wants to create a decentralized public blockchain that is fully open source. Their main goal is a smart contract platform that delivers more advanced features than its competitors. Charles Hoskinson believes in a scientific approach with a lot of research and developing slow, rather than putting something on the market that still has a lot of flaws and needs fixing along the way.

Cardano would be able to scale for billions of users in the future and no one can do this so far. Hoskinson states that a protocol has to be developed 5 years from now, or maybe 10 years from now, but who is going to do that ? Genius founders will not always be around. He believes that the academic world will be able to create a “decentralized brain” that will be able to innovate constantly. It does not have to come from one company.


Charles believes Cardano can hit a one trillion market cap, because the whole crypto market should see a spike from billions to trillions in the future. This could be 5 years or even 10 years from now, but it will happen. Demographics is an important point he thinks will make this possible. Statistically speaking people of age under 35 will likely hold some sort of cryptocurrency, rather than a bond or gold. Young people believe in cryptocurrencies and they will become older and richer. They will pass it on to their children as well.

Countries will start to adapt blockchain technology and regulations will make things clearer he states. This will bring more value and with regulations, institutional investors can finally enter the crypto market. Billions will flow in. With Cardano developing slowly and want to put something on the market that will be ready and flawless, it would mean that in 5 to 10 years Cardano can take a big chunk of new investments.


I personally believe that one trillion is a little bit too high for Cardano, but I do see a place for them in the top for cryptocurrencies. There are quite some strong projects out there like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink and Ripple XRP (I probably forget some names). We will most likely see a range of cryptos take big market caps, but it will be less likely to get a one trillion market cap. One trillion or more is for cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum.


I am Djordi van Kampen and I live in France. 2017 was the year I learned for the first time about cryptocurrencies and I am intrigued by what it can accomplish in this world, for the better of course !


Crypto enthusiast that would like to share his experience in the market in terms of investing and trading. Also travels a lot and likes photography and minerals.

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