Staking & Tipping Platforms Like Publish0x & Brave Browser
Brave Browser and Publish0x are the Future For Staking and Tipping

Staking & Tipping Platforms Like Publish0x & Brave Browser

By DiviMonopoly | Divi Monopoly | 16 Aug 2020

Are the future.

It's amazing to see where technology is headed towards. And I'm actually grateful that I have the opportunity to spend a portion of my days writing, or spending my time creating content, which also in turn helps and entertains people. This in return provides me with tips at their sole discretion. I think it's an amazing concept that provides a win-win to both creator and viewer. It should also provide a strong reminder to people that as technology ramps up, we must stick with the times and scale our knowledge up as well.

Brave Browser

I'm not an expert tech guy, but I'm headed there. From what I know, Brave Browser rewards verified creators when users of their platform browse their content and decide to tip them. Users also get a portion of their rewards for merely browsing the web as normal. All three parties get rewarded as a result of more engagement within their platform. It truly is amazing stuff.


This is a blog platform that rewards content creators such as blog writers for creating unique content that readers might jive well with. Both the readers and creators get paid, with the reader choosing how much to tip. Publish0x is a currency agnostic platform which is truly amazing as it shows that they strive for neutrality with respect to tokens and perhaps also in terms of viewpoints.ย 


As a dividend guy, I truly appreciate the brevity of these platforms and how it is a win-win-win sort of thing. Unlike most things in life where things are very see-sawy, ala John Nash Quadrant, these platforms are very user and creator friendly. I am honored to be a part of their platforms.

The Future

As a result of how technology is currently scaling at a rapid rate, I am teaching myself how to up my value proposition, and to also acclimate to the times. I believe that everyone should be doing their part in making sure they are growing and evolving their skillsets and know-how to not only be a part of the new economy (regardless of whether you're a pure-crypto guy or not (like me)). This is to ensure that you're both marketable on a job front, but also that you are able to become autonomous should there be another meltdown like what we are experiencing now. There are still jobs out there, and work from home jobs are becoming more of the norm. By setting yourself apart, by becoming a part of the new normal, you will be able to reap the dividends later.ย 


Well I'm teaching myself two marketable skills in my industry of Finance, by focusing on two easy programming skills: Python and SQL. Later on I'll be able to deal with other harder skills. But these are things that will be able to directly help me by automating tasks or being able to lower my cost basis for services that I no longer need as a result of gaining such skills. Whichever route you decide to go on is entirely up to you.ย 


I own a YouTube channel and a growing dividend army...huzzah. If you would be so kind, you can check out all of my links on my tree at Thanks so much. I'll do everything in my power to help us

Divi Monopoly
Divi Monopoly

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