Bits Of Stock, Worthy, and UPromise

Bits Of Stock, Worthy, and UPromise

By DividendRaptor | dividendvortex | 21 Jun 2020

Hey Raptors, welcome back to another blog article from yours truly. I am truly sorry that it has been a hot minute since we last spoke, but I'm back to bring you another post that brings you some more money into your pockets. This time, I want to shill three things: Bits Of Stock, Worthy, and UPromise. All three are apps that I use currently, and I promote them because of two things:

1. They are passive and help you get value out of things you already do

2. They compound the effects of cashback rewards from your credit or debit cards.

Bits Of Stock

Bits Of Stock

This is an app that provides cashback in the form of stock rewards from publicly traded companies. When you link any actively used debit or credit card, they automatically track those purchases after they post and then redeem your cashback in the form of fractional shares. The best part is that if you are using cashback rewards cards to purchase any item from any merchant that they provide cashback for, you get double the rewards. You do this by

A) having x% of cashback from your own personal rewards cards and then,
B) getting fractional shares in proportion to the purchase amount of the item.
C) You can even get triple the rewards when you shop with a merchant that is allied with Rakuten that also deals with the merchant that you shop at.

Here are some examples of fractional shares I've received from my recent Amazon shopping trips:

Bits Of Stock Fractional Shares

worthy Capital

Worthy Capital

Worthy Capital is a way to invest in $10 - 5% annual yield bonds that help support small businesses via loans. The bonds are asset-backed loans provided by Worthy Capital to small businesses and are also registered with the SEC. I have just recently made a recurring monthly auto-debit from my bank account to purchase 1 bond every month so keep on the lookout for how much this portfolio grows. Also if you use my referral link, you will get 1 free bond - for a limited time.

My portfolio thus far:

Worthy Bond Portfolio



UPromise is a services based company that at one point used to be owned by Sallie Mae but has since changed hands. It has been in business since 2000, and has helped thousands of people save and invest for college or pay down their student loan debts. How it works is this: It has multiple programs that you can enroll in such as dining cashback, shopping cashback, and applying and using their own UPromise mastercard powered by Barclays. The latter has a 1.25% cashback bonus on anywhere you shop and a 1.50% Cashback if tied with UPromise's platform. It also has a 15% bonus for UPromise platforms attached to UPromise 529 College Plans.

Keep in mind that a 529 College Plan is an investment vehicle strictly for college or higher education purposes and also has tax incentives which you might want to speak to your financial advisor about.

Anyways, I just started this program a little while ago and I have not earned anything yet because I just tied my credit card to the dining rewards program, which has a limited amount of dining merchants that I can use with, and of course being that it is corona season, I am unable to dine anywhere at the moment.

Here is a picture of how the platform looks:


I do plan on applying to their MasterCard soon to take advantage of their benefits and 0% 15 month APR as it is close to that time where I have to reapply for a new credit card in order to leverage my credit score as well as increase my credit line for financial purposes. More to come on that particular topic as I delve deeper into the matter. I've been slowly learning how to leverage credit card debt ethically and morally and it has been working thus far, albeit slowly but steadily.

UPromise MasterCard

And currently I just enrolled in one of their College 529 Plans so be on the lookout for how that portfolio progresses.


Thank you for reading about my adventures with micro-investing, personal financial planning and lifehacks for getting maximum value out of credit cards and banking institutions. Be on the lookout for a new blog post on one of my other blogs either at or for my adventures with Bitcoin & Tezos micro-investing and compounding with FREE Amazon Turk dividends every single day!


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