Welcome to day 2 of my week of Giveaways on Torum

You can join in the fun and sign up for Torum “HERE” if you are not already a member and then find the giveaway "HERE"

Today we have a simple task for anyone that is not yet signed up to Odysee, If you are signed up already I will be unable to verify you as a winner Sorry. Please keep watch for further Giveaways daily that may be more suitable to you as well as the occasional bonus giveaway.


Odysee is a decentralized privacy based Youtube alternative were you can earn LBC cons daily for simply watching your favorite crypto based information and trading channels, the news, music videos or even films LBC is currently valued at roughly $0.25 per coin, you can currently buy, sell and Trade LBC on exchanges or earn and HODL as the value swiftly rises.



First like and Spread this post then sign up to Odysee using this link: https://odysee.com/$/invite/@CryptechViews:1 check out some videos or channels to follow, you can follow mine if you like but it is not a necessity, then go to the rewards section in your profile on the top right hand side of the screen and collect you first rewards, you will receive rewards daily just for logging in and watching video's, liking and commenting, you can earn more If you create a channel and post your own video's or Articles.


When you have completed the task simply reply in this thread


Done followed by the first three letters of your email


Example: Done :lea


First 3 letter of your mail


Yesterday's Giveaway winners will be announced in a few minutes on the original Thread, unfortunately many prizes have gone uncliamed, so in the spirit of fairness, I will be giving all those that had partially verified information one of the Second Place gifts just for taking part and I will be giving all others that replied on the original thread before this post a diamond hands gift

To find out more, join Torum and watch for the giveaway's each day on my clan “HERE”,all week, if you are not already a member..

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Jaxsons Crypto Pickers

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Cryptech Views

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