All you need to know about BFG token!!

All you need to know about BFG token!!

By Divljo | Div | 14 Jan 2021

What is a BFG token? What to do with it? And how to get rich thanks to BFG? You will find the answers to these and many other questions here.

BetFury token (BFG) is a utility token based on TRC-20 smart contract for profit-sharing and a healthy gaming environment on BetFury. For any bet BFG tokens are automatically added to the game balance. By staking BFG tokens everyone can receive a part of the platform's profit (Dividends) from the Dividends pool.

How to mine BFG?

Bet with BTC, ETH - get BFG(BTC);
Bet with TRON crypto (TRX, USDT, BTT) - get BFG(TRX).

What is the BFG token for:

- Staking 

- receiving multi-currency 3% Dividends from the pool every day. The distribution depends on the subtoken:


- Place bets in In-house games and win even more cryptocurrencies;
- Win crypto in the Auction:
Place bids in BFG(BTC) to win BTC
Place bids in BFG(TRX) to win TRX

- Hold to exchange or sell your BFG tokens on the exchange in the future. BFG token is going to become a liquid asset for traders who will be able to buy and sell tokens in addition to receiving Dividends.


Max supply: 5 000 000 000 BFG

This means that the maximum number of BFG tokens that can be earned on the platform is 5 billion BFG and will not be changed.

Mining price

While mining each token, the value of the previously mined tokens increases. This is why mining was divided into levels. The transition to the next level occurs when every 100 000 000 BFG is mined (total mined BFG(BTC) + BFG(TRX)). When moving to a new level, the cost of mining increases by:
+1 TRX for In-house games
+0,5 TRX for Slots
+0.000001 BTC for In-house games

  • 0.0000005 BTC for Slots

What will happen after all tokens are mined?

To understand what will happen to BFG, it’s needed to get down to facts about Bitcoin.
When Bitcoin was created, it was written into its protocol that the total supply would be restricted to 21 million. The supply cannot increase — regardless of growing demand.
Bitcoin has a limited issue and the last one will be mined in 2140. Since the release of Bitcoin in 2009, its price has increased thousands of times. Why? Because it is a relevant method of digital money with unique features and ecosystem. It’s most likely that Bitcoin in 2140 will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and people will use Satoshi for transactions.
BFG also has limited emissions and an overgrown ecosystem that increases its value. Looking at this example, we can say that It’s expected to be the same for the BFG token.
There are 5 000 000 000 BFG (BTC & TRX). Once they’re all mined, no new BFG will enter circulation. Therefore, when all tokens are issued - it will be a full-fledged coin with its tokenomics and value.

So, what are you waiting for? Join HERE and start playing and staking your BFG tokens. 


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