Is still worth it?

Retire As A (CRO) Millionaire!?!? is currently building its own eco system where it includes the exchange, the card staking, the defi, it’s blockchain and more. So far they have delivered whatever they promised from the start. The card has gotten so much value and benefit that if you were to stake it last year. You could have gotten 10x your investment and upgraded a tier for your card. Some foresee this company could be the leader of crypto space, like how Amazon was for E-commerce space.


They Are Staying For Sure

With their aggressive marketing across the world and their recent 20 years deal over Staples Center at Los Angeles could be a game changer for in years to come. They might have overspent on their marketing but it also shows how is making big moves in the scene. These marketing tactics are essential to take big steps forward for their company vision - To accelerate the world’s transition into cryptocurrency. arena


Card Staking Rewards

Card staking rewards is just one of many of their feature and benefits. By buying CRO coins and stake for your metal card using the app, you’re able to get cash back of up to 8%. What’s amazing about it is that the cash back comes in CRO tokens as well. If your cash back is worth $1 now and when CRO value goes up 10x, which is very possible, your cash back would worth $10.

What’s better is that you could also stack this cash back with your existing credit card cash back by bridging it from Revolut or other digital debit card so to avoid local bank fees. visa debit card


On top of that, if you’re a jade green/indigo card user, you could have Netflix and Spotify reimbursement in CRO coins. If you need those, use it. If not, you could find a friend who uses it and switch the payment to this card so to receive rewards. Then ask them to pay you in fiat currency. For card staking reward information, please refer to


Such card staking ecosystem utility is tough not to attract users to get into. They are building a brilliant utility into their ecosystem that could be use in day to day purposes. & It’s Eco-system CRO utility

Few defi projects are already built on CRO chain like vvs finance, beefy finance, etc. It also has it’s own native defi app for you to stake and earn higher yields. are expanding so significantly that it’s ecosystem is already larger than most existing crypto ecosystem. With its huge marketing moves and expansion of ecosystem, its price valuation has a lot potential to 10x-100x in the long run. With CRO coins having a max supply of 30B and more users staking CRO for the benefits, it is inevitable that the support level of CRO valuation has a strong support level. Analysts foresee that could overtake Binance very soon. Therefore, CRO below $0.50 is too good for a buy for the long term price target that they’d eventually be.


Going Strong After Being Compromised

Just last week, they’ve gotten hacked of about $34 million. Their team quickly suspended withdrawals before more funds were lost. There were about 400 wallet funds compromised. However, they said that the amount is almost negligible to what they have. They had since reimbursed the funds that were missing to respective wallets.


They now migrated their security infrastructure to a new Multi-Factor Authentication. They are also launching WAPP where it can restore up to $250,000 of a participating user's money in case a third-party gains access to their account. They have once set a bar high so that the rest could follow, assuring that users have their funds safe. There are always endless of hackers invading projects and protocols, but how a team strategically handles it tells you a lot about them. If you plan to be part of the millionaire journey, do remember to use my referral for $25 worth of CRO if you stake for ruby steel card. Fingers crossed and cheers!




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All of these are merely my knowledge and not financial advice. Please do your own due diligence and have conviction before investing. The information above is based on many hours of research out of my own curiosity/interest in YouTube, Google, blogs and discord communities. Leveraging & filtering information from other crypto enthusiasts and analysts.

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Disruptive Technologies Into The Upcoming Decades
Disruptive Technologies Into The Upcoming Decades

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