School vs Online Materials -Which is better?

How Leveraging & Filtering Online Information Could Lead You To Better Success

We live in a world where digital information is not only accessible but also effective and handy. Information could be from all the “How to’s” to becoming fundamentally good investor. With the existing incentives offered by YouTube, Instagram, Publish0x, educators ebook or ecourse etc, people are motivated to share their knowledge on these platforms.

Education Beyond Imagination

These online platforms are so saturated with information that one could digest almost any kind of content he would want to know about. So many first hand experiences that are wholesome and valuable would be shared across for people who wish to learn and relate to. Most of the times, lecturers in school would not even go that level of knowledge.

Online Information Filtering

With the immense amount of knowledge available online, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate the bullshit from the truth. We would need to adopt information filtering to prevent ourselves from picking up false information. Sometimes when the knowledge could be subjective and complex, it is best to have multiple perspective before coming up with your own view of the subject.


Knowledge is endless and you will never stop learning until you die. Since online educational makers are motivated to make educational contents, they are always posting the up to date knowledge available. Therefore, picking up from online educator could be better than real life lecturers since some lecturers are just teaching for the sake of their job.

Online Educators Teach You What School Doesn’t

We have come to know that school does not teach you financial literacy but platform like YouTube does. Although you should never take financial advise from any educators online, finance fundamental could still be learnt from there. These small knowledge could be useful for people who aren’t financially ready.

Small Steps To Giant Leaps

Leveraging in these online information make us grow exponentially as our rate of knowledge absorption grow. From a single video to tens of videos a day, three blogs to tens of blogs daily. These knowledge would not make a difference in a month but it would after years. Developing and growing parts of the brain too with knowledge absorption. Eventually, if one does not give up on intaking useful online information, it could help you pursue your success.


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All of these are merely my knowledge and not financial advice. Please do your own due diligence and have conviction before investing. The information above is based on many hours of research out of my own curiosity/interest in YouTube, Google, blogs and discord communities. Leveraging & filtering information from other crypto enthusiasts and analysts.


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