Why is Diskcoin the best choice in POC projects?
Why is Diskcoin the best choice in POC projects?

By Diskcoin | Diskcoin | 21 Nov 2019

PoW, PoS, DPoS... I think these consensuses are more or less understood by everyone. So, how much do you know about the hot PoC on the market today?

PoC is the Proof of Capacity mechanism. It works differently compared to PoW. The miner first writes a large number of hash value in hardisk, then searches for the hash value by "sweeping" every time he wants to mine the latest block, and finally find the right value. For PoW, in order to obtain block reward, a lot of calculations are needed. PoC only needs to find in the existing values, and does not participate in real-time calculation, so the energy consumption is greatly reduced.

As a result, many teams only saw the advantages of PoC low energy consumption, and began the "consensus" road. In just three months, on the PoC, there have been a lot of projects.

Today we will talk about the difference between Diskcoin and those projects on the market.


Miner's token distribution ratio


The design of the Token mechanism for most POC projects is divided into two parts, one part is the pre-mine part. Generally speaking, this part is directly for the team, and the other part is the mining part of the miner. In the Token mechanism, the greater the proportion of pre-mine, the more the benefits of the miners are diluted. The project with the most dilute interests of miners is BHD. 15% of Token benefits are occupied by the project side. The least dilute of the miners is Diskcoin. 100% of Token belongs to miners. It can be seen that the benefits of Diskcoin to miners are maximized.


Project open source

Blockchain technology can be a large book that can be viewed by everyone, so such a large book requires multiple parties to collaborate. How to quickly build mutual trust in the process of cooperation? The best way is probably open source. Open source means that the project side will pay more attention to the code quality of the project, minimize the project vulnerabilities, and thus reduce the project development cost to a certain extent; and increase the innovation ability of the project to some extent due to the diversification of the community after the open source.

Those projects that are not open source, but the name of the blockchain, deviate from the spirit of the blockchain, is simply a centralized institution. For developers, source code is the most direct manifestation of project value. In order to be truly transparent, Diskcoin has open sourced and is committed to building an open source, open decentralized ecosystem.

At the same time, Diskcoin does not carry out ICO or token pre-sale or pre-mine, so the price of DISC will be determined by the market.


Mortgage (Staking) mechanism

Miners are most concerned about how much benefit the project can bring to themselves. So this article will compare the benefits of Mortgage (Staking). BHD, LHD, and Diskcoin all have mortgage (Staking) mechanisms, BHD and LHD use full mortgages, and Diskcoin uses dynamic Staking.

BHD: You need to hold 3 BHDs per T to open full mortgage. In the first month of the initial mining, the miners are completely exempt from mining; from the second month, the miners are subject to conditional mining. If the conditions are not met, the 30% of the full-scale mining revenue remains unchanged. Of the remaining 70%, 43% are directly accumulated to the next eligible block address, and the remaining 27% are allocated to the BHD Development Fund. After each 33600 blocks (about 10 weeks), the BHD Development Fund's revenue is reduced by 2%. Reduce the partial accumulation to the next block that meets the conditional mining, until the first halving, the BHD Foundation's revenue is reduced to 5% and no longer decreases, and the 65% of the revenue that does not meet the conditional capacity mining is accumulated to the next block that meets the conditions for mining. If the miner meets the conditions for mining, he/she will receive 95% of the proceeds and 5% will be included in the foundation for marketing.

LHD: You need to hold 6 LHDs per T to start full mortgage mining. The number of LHDs held per T is reduced by 3% in per 8,064 blocks . If the miners do not meet the conditions for mining, they will only receive 10% of the revenue, and the remaining 90% will be transferred to the foundation for system development, marketing and operations. Full mortgage will receive 100% of the proceeds (full mortgage mining also deducts the cost of the foundation promotion)

Diskcoin: Miners need to Stake corresponding Diskcoin to get the most reward. In the absence of Staking, miners receive 40% mining award, and the rest will be transferred to the Diskcoin Foundation to cover project development costs, operating promotion costs, and as a fund to support related ecological projects. If there is enough Staking, the miner will receive nearly 100% of the mining reward. The proportion of coins that need to be Staked in Diskcoin mining is not fixed. For the first 1800 blocks, the miners will receive a 40% block reward in a fixed percentage. Starting at block height 1801, an algorithm called DES (Dynamic Equilibrium Staking ) is enabled. DES will automatically adjust the percentage based on the difficulty of mining, the number of produced Diskcoin and the percentage of Staked Diskcoin to ensure good operation of the entire system.

Under the Mortgage (Staking) mechanism, the full mortgage mechanism of BHD and LHD will give the miners some pressure, because the miners need to hold a certain amount of coins to get more revenue. According to the current market prices of BHD and LHD, users with large capacity to mine, and the initial investment cost is very high. The Dynamic Equilibrium Staking mechanism adopted by Diskcoin has lower requirements for miners' early investment, and it has achieved a real low threshold mining, and everyone can mine.


Diskcoin uses the Conditioned Proof Of Capacity ( CPoC ) consensus algorithm to reduce the consumption of electricity and lower the entry barriers in the process of crypto currency production, which is more decentralized, without affecting security.

The coin price is not the only criterion for measuring whether the project is worth investing. Focusing on the ecological layout and technical support of the project, you may be able to know the future trend of the project. And Diskcoin must be the best choice for investment in the PoC field. Construct a decentralized, secure, and energy-saving cryptocurrency project based on the PoC consensus mechanism.


An energy-saving and scalable peer-to-peer crypto currency system.


An energy-saving and scalable peer-to-peer crypto currency system

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