Bit.Country - Metaverse Hub of Polkadot

Bit.Country - Metaverse Hub of Polkadot

By dimonbuton | dimonbuton | 25 Jul 2021



Hello blockchain lovers. Today we will be studying an interesting project project! The project is connected with NTF technologies, the metaverse and its own economy!
The scale of this project is very large! The Bit.Country team raised $ 4 million in its first round of funding and is backed by some amazing metaverse enthusiasts.


The first round was led by four of the best pioneers of Web3 and the metaverse, as well as another 56 metaverse-future supporters around the world: Walsh Wealth Ventures, Animoca Brands, world leader, unicorn in blockchain games, Polkadot Ecosystem Leading Foundations, Hypersphere Ventures and Digital Financial Group ( details can be found at the link:




Bit.Country’s core team is based in New Zealand, a wonderful country that brought the world many great creations including the Lord of the Rings films, digital human ventures, launching rockets, the Jet Pack, air taxi, bungy jumping, Hobbiton, Beef Wellington, McLaren Cars, the finest milk powder, and many others, all from the “middle earth”, Aotearoa and the middle metaverse.
The project is at the very beginning of its development path. If you have been in cryptography for a long time, then you know that regardless of the market movement, it is always promising to be the first!
This is too ambitious a direction that will continue to improve! You can get involved early on!

What is NFT?

NFT technology allows you to label anything that is unique and not interchangeable. You can assign a value, for example, to label songs, pictures, cards, and more, especially in games. You assign value to the entire world around you: you can go to a casino, attend a master class, create a business, buy clothes, buildings, paintings!


The BITCOUTRY project is a metaverse.


This is a virtual decentralized world of different versions of parallel universes, with its own tokens and economy, in which the community comes first! 3D worlds in which you can create your own communities, countries and cities. People will be involved, politics and economics will be created.
Thanks to NFT, users will be able to make money in the digital world! There is no public sale of the token yet (follow the news on the official website)


The NUUM token will have several options: features, one of which is to reward the community. For example, for the contribution of your community to the development of your country.
Governance, a voting policy that resembles an economic game on the blockchain with tokens and a real community. This project is a huge metaverse, where each participant can buy some kind of real estate, real estate, build entire cities!


The world is created by buying blocks. Further, the economy is built on tokenized real estate, shopping centers, real estate, cars, any interior details, any objects.
Every time you make a payment or build something, you pay a commission using the NUUM token.



Distribution of tokens:


50% of tokens are for public sale.
25% are allocated to investors,
20% are blocked by the founding team.
5% goes to development such as grants (launch nodes) and ambassadors.


Project advantages:


1. Decentralized management using the NUUM token.
2. A work product based on Polkadot and Kusama platforms.
3. NFT of 1155 erc standard, on the air, Polkadot and Kusama networks.
4. Adjustable gas flow rates. Infrastructure Polkadot.
5. Ensure community safety and dignity using POS.
6. Ability to work on a project for developers, create applications.


Land Purchases The continuum is community driven and topography is only implemented through voting. New potential slots are made available through chain logic that depends on the number of bit countries and other platform factors.
The available slot is then auctioned in Continuum to the highest bidder and they are rewarded with the right to occupy the slot with their own country bit. Once the bit country is on the continuum, the currency is listed on the DEX and the bit country starts receiving network rewards.


1. A land plot is allocated. -BLOCK"
2. People declare their participation.
3. Bets are placed.
4. Then everything takes place in the form of an auction, the highest bid wins.
5. The winner gets a piece of land and starts developing his farm on it!
Participants can move from one block to another. There are an infinite number of variable functions, an indescribable scale in the Universe and enormous opportunities for several people.


Road map:


1-2 Early Access and Early Disclosure of Results. Already applicable. Participation in the ambassador program, collecting nodes and applying for early access.
3. Launch on Kusama Everyone knows that the auctions are going on now - summer.
4. Launch of interchain assets of NTF and their support in various chains of the network.
5. Full launch.


Managed by DAO - this is when the participants use the internal token of a city or country and approve the decision by voting. Another-Polkadot network has already deployed a test network. Everything works, the nodes go up, tokens are nominated, validators are working.


Many famous people of the crypto industry follow the project's twitter:
SBF (@SBF_Alameda), CoinbasePro, Jeff Bezos ...
MrBeast - American YouTube blogger with an audience of over 64 million people. KSI has nearly 7 million subscribers. And there are many more famous personalities, I will not list all of them, you can look at the project's twitter.


P.s One of the most interesting and potentially very profitable areas for the development of blockchain technology based on non-fungible tokens. Virtual space with an improved version of physical reality based on blockchain technology! The future is coming and we have the opportunity to become part of the community at an early stage! Although the project is at an early stage, I propose to actively participate or watch its development!


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$NUUM (Taking from Continuum and it is about ‘U’)

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