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By ikigai | Dimes, Dollars & Dreams | 30 Aug 2021

I like games, and more than that, I like games that I can earn with. That's why last week I started to search for apps that would do just that, pay me to play. Unfortunately, very quickly I figured a lot of those apps marketed as paying didn't deliver on that promise and turned out to be scams from the get-go, or had extremely scummy practices, such as you could get to 98% of the minimum withdrawal amount and then the app stopped giving rewards. Now, I'd dare to even say that 90% of these kinds of apps are fake, but the ones I've listed below have paid me so far. I know taking a stranger's word online isn't very convincing so I feel showing the payment proof is pretty important, that's why there are pictures below as well.

I haven't checked whether the apps below are available on iOS or not, since I have an android myself. 


B Programmers' Games:

BFast BFree - Link

  • Withdraws are allowed every 3 days
  • You must register with Coinbase email, otherwise, you cannot claim your earnings (earnings are sent to Coinbase only, you don't have an option to change the email after registering)
  • Minimum withdraw 6500 points (~0.000001 BTC/100 satoshi/0.05$)
  • Daily promo code in their Facebook page, worth 300 points
  • 1-200 points per spin
  • You can earn a maximum of 1500 points every 40 minutes

Bfast Bfree payment proof

CryptoRize - Link

  • Withdraws are allowed every 3 days
  • You must register with Coinbase email, otherwise, you cannot claim your earnings (earnings are sent to Coinbase only, you don't have an option to change the email after registering)
  • Options to withdraw USDC, BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE & SHIB
  • Daily promo code in their Facebook page, worth 600 points
  • Minimum withdraw 14 000 points
  • You can earn a maximum of 4500 points every 30 minutes

Other B Programmers' games that I haven't tried but I believe are paying as well since they're from the same developers:
CryptoFast, CryptoMemo, CryptoWin, FreeCryptoGram, EFast EFree (same as BFast BFree but for Ethereum)


Bling Games:

Use the same email to register for all of the games. All the Bling games can share an account so if you earn points in 1 game, you can accumulate more points with another game to the same account. Each game has 20 chances to play every ~8 hours. Whether you win or lose, you'll get awarded points for each game you play. 1000 points = 1 satoshi, 1 game is worth between ~1-3 satoshis at least currently. Payouts to Coinbase are the only option and can be requested every 7 days. 

Bitcoin Blast
Bitcoin Blocks
Sweet Bitcoin - Similar to Candy Crush Saga
Bitcoin Pop - Similar to Bubble Witch Saga
Bitcoin Food Fight
Bitcoin Solitaire - Traditional Solitaire

Bling Payment Proof


CryptoPop - Link

Payouts in ETH to Coinbase, and can be requested every 2 days. The developers of this game have made other games as well which I believe are paying, but I haven't tested any of them so far. To me, this one seems to be the best-looking one out of their games. 

Cryptopop Payment Proof


Free Litecoin - LINK

Pretty basic 'faucet' game for LTC on mobile. Payouts every Tuesday if you've reached the minimum payout limit (which you can set yourself to either 0.01 LTC, 0.001 LTC or 0.0002 LTC). 



Games that I'm currently testing but haven't received any payments yet:
  • Crypto Treasures - This one is pretty fun as a game app, even if it doesn't end up paying me. You can get multiple currencies, but I'd say the main focus is Phoneum (PHT). The minimum withdrawal is 15 000 PHT or ~2,26$, and I'm yet to get there. I'll update once I get to that point.
  • BigCash - Minimum withdraw is 2500 points or 15$, so it'll take a while to reach that. 
  • Current - You get paid for charging your phone, watching ads and listening to music. Started this 3 days ago so I'm still quite far from reaching the point of trying to cash out.
  • Crypto Idle Miner - A really great game! You expand your virtual mining system, and the game has different leagues (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond & Champions). Every league is split into divisions of 50 players, and there will be a league-based player shuffle at the end of every season (= every 7 days). After some time, you'll switch leagues. Based on your league, you'll get HORA tokens, and higher leagues get better percentages. At the end of every season, you will get the tokens added to your account. Basically, the more you play, the higher your token percentage will be. 



BFast BFree: HANN62
CryptoRize: HANN32
Crypto Treasures: 2kvx8cqf - You get 200 Gold & 200 XP bonus
BigCash: rrxcfoqe - you get 70 coins
Crypto Idle Miner: these may or may not work depending on your timing, the codes expire after time unknown to me

  • WELCOME - for 200 HORA (can redeem when you unlock rig 7 in Ethash building)
  • COZYCRYPTO - for 300 HORA (can redeem when you unlock cooling system 1 in Ethash building)
  • CIMDOGGO - for 300 HORA (can redeem when you reach level 3)


If you're curious about any of these apps, I recommend joining Bling games, Free Litecoin, Crypto Treasures and Crypto Idle Miner. While I haven't been paid for the latter 2 yet, I have high hopes for them + they're actually pretty fun games to pass time if nothing else comes out of them. 


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. This is all for now, see you next time!

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