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By lotte | Digital and Line Art | 2 Aug 2021

Are you in noise cash platform as well? Let's be friends there too🤗 (nc username: @Charlotte).

So it's been 7 months since I joined and enjoy the platform for blogging which is called noisecash. It's never easy to earn and interact with a lot of people at first but it's definitely fun. I learned a lot of random stuffs and also developed my skills in dealing with different people with diverse beliefs, traditions, and cultures. I also encountered various languages which I can only understand if I translate it through Google translate (tho the translation is bad at times lol). Also, talking with different people with different nationality made me realize how it is good to at least know them a little so there will be no misunderstandings.

From the past months, aside from earnings and learnings that I get, I gained new friends too. Online sites like this made me realize that making friends and connection is not limited to those people you can see and hang out with. I made genuine friends despite not knowing them personally.

I'm sharing you my digital arts of some noisers who I become friends with❤️

@HanzellHanzellShe's the first person I met in the crypto world that I become friends with. We even connected in Facebook and she share her knowledge and help me with a lot of acad stuffs. She's a chemist and I'm a future chemical engineer, so there's a connection. She's a wonderful artist both traditional and digital arts🤗 



Ruffa chan

I call her Ruffa chan because it's her username in readcash and we first met there (same with @Hanzell nee chan). She's really a supportive person and also fun. I love her photographs too and she study crypto stuffs and she's really amazing with it. 




I met her at noise cas and she's a good and supportive person. I love how she shares bonding with her family and how close she is to her younger sister. Her younger sister cried when she tease her that she'll be away, it's sooo adorablee.




I just recently interact with her but I can see how good writer she is. I read her articles in rc whenever I have free time.




He is a good person. I love how he expressed his thoughts and opinions as well as his political stand about certain issues. This art is actually the first time I did a portrait for someone that I actually don't know personally, I lack techniques here so I know lots of details are still missing. I'm really comfortable talking with him and he's like a supportive brother to me.




And of course me! Out of all self digital portrait that I made i think this is my fav. Dunno just felt cute here haha.


So that's all for my Digital Arts with Noisers as my reference ❤️ Hope tou enjoy!❤️ 

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Digital and Line Art
Digital and Line Art

Hi 🤗 Digital Arts is still new to me. I learned from tutorials and I still draw with guide. It's fun and relaxing to finish arts of your favorite person or character.

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